BMO Field Naming Rights Extended

The Sun (Kurtis Larson) is reporting that BMO has extended its naming rights by 10 years at BMO Field . Hmmm wonder how much (if any) the Argos's moving in and the CFL good TV numbers had to do with this.
Also wonder if we will now see BMO patches on Argo uniforms.

Article now out.

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No terms of the deal announced yet and doesn't coincide with TFC's shirt sponsorship. That runs through 2016 only as of now.

With at least 2 Grey Cups in the next 10 years and a rumored Winter Classic for next year coming up, I can see what they're sticking around.

Wondering what "its soccer stadium" means? I thought the city of Toronto still officially owns BMO Field. :? From the article:

MLSE is in the midst of a $140 million renovation of its soccer stadium in anticipation of the Toronto Argos moving in later this year