BMO Field going to natural grass next year

I see city council in Toronto voted 29-0 in favour of installing natural grass next year. MLSE picks up the tab at $5.5 million and puts the bubble to Lamport and puts the turf in another field in the city. This is excellent for soccer fans and TFC, the players hate playing on turf.

I also think it's great for the Argonauts in a way as now no way will MLSE allow the Argonauts to play there ripping up the grass and costing MLSE a lot of money, even if the Argos did pay for the $30 mill it would take to convert it to football. This removes something from the Argos stadium situation and now can concentrate at staying at the Rogers Centre, which I don't really like but Argo fans in Toronto do like I think, or look to building their own stadium somewhere maybe with another partner perhaps. So in a way there are positives here for the Argos with one factor removed.