BMO Field endzones considered unsafe

I tend to agree with this assessment after watching several players slip on the artificial end-zones. Thoughts?

Not sure what the solution is

That ship sailed along time ago to go to the highest quality FIFA approved turf/hybrid surface money can buy. Though if MLSE and the city wanted to do it, this is actually the BEST time in the building's history do to so.

Otherwise, Bo-Levi can sit tonight 8)....all in the name of safety

And the multiple Argo's who agree with him. ..

That wouldn't solve the problem. The natural part of the hybrid surface would still die under the tiles and seats that cover the artificial surface endzones when in the soccer configuration.

The Argos can build or find another facility to call home.

Why would MLSE want to make that change? This is all hypothetical and likely never happen but in my post, it’s not that MLSE would want to change it….but MLSE AND the city. Both would have to fund it but there is an incentive for both.

For the City

first of all they own the stadium so they would want as many events there as possible. It’s the main reason why they pushed hard to have the Argos deal done. Rumours of a Toronto based CPL team are out there. Why can’t they use BMO in a lower bowl capacity.

The Wolfpack are a growing brand with a niche following, as they get promoted and likely eventually to the Super League, they could outgrow Lamport. Again using a lower bowl capacity, why would the city want to have another venue built or expanded especially two city owned stadiums don’t make any sense.
Even if one of these were to come to fruition, turf will allow for more flexible scheduling allowing a faster change-over.


They operate the stadium so they would benefit also having more traffic in. More concessions to sell, gives a little more value to naming rights and other in stadium revenue streams. They don’t have to open all of concessions etc… anyways.

Also, for Bell and Tannanbaum’s perspective, keep in mind they own a stake in TFC too. TFC now with 21K season ticket holds with a waiting list and playing in front of capacity crowds. Stadium related revenues (tickets, concessions etc…) are now reaching a ceiling. The Argos are the business they need to grow and with smart management actually have more capacity to grow. So putting in a turf that gives them a better schedule - it’s improved this year but still 1st 5 games are on 5 different days of the week – to build continuity and also sell on field adds that generate revenue.

Now will this alienate TFC fans. Perhaps some. But keep in mind how many said they would drop their seasons and the franchise will decline only for the team to have their best season on and more importantly…off the field…They won’t lose fans over it..huff and move on…Seattle, Atlanta and Vancouver shows it doesn’t matter….which is why IF, they we’re to make the change….now would be the best time to do it.

If this is really about player safety it makes sense as well as an economic sense.....granted like I said will likely never happen.

If this is about player safety than I'm not sure how switching to artificial turf accomplishes that for any team playing at BMO Field. Artificial turf is used to save money and where natural turf is not viable.

What would be considered bigger a safety hazard?

A) Playing on part grass and part turf in the enzones as per Bo Levi and other players concern? Or B) both teams playing on an artificial surface?

There are many examples of B in North America including the defending MLS Cup champion. Don't know of any other arrangements that fits under category A.

BMO field is a dump. Been there many times. People who think its a first class facility haven't been anywhere good.

Also TFC does not have 21k season tickets. Maybe around 10-11. They give away 30-40% of tickets. If you want some, ask. My employer gets a code for you to type in on ticketmaster. But because people were reselling them for $20 on secondary markets you have to take the coded ticket, and show with ID and then claim your ticket. Or sometimes TFC just sends you once confirmed the actual ticket or they make you pick it up at the window.

The Argos do the same for 2017.

Look who's back!

How many handles are you gonna go through before being banned permanently? Too bad you can't have this one, eh Auby?

…the BMO endzones will be totally unsafe tonight…for Argonaut DBs…

I think all the fields should be concrete. :)Oh wait, playing in Edmonton on natural grass in the past in November, playoffs and Grey Cups, where the field was frozen with grass tufs hard as rock with frozen mud mixed in, now that was a player safety issue. BMO is nothing compared with that with the artificial endzones, not even in the same conversation. This thread is almost a joke come to think of it.

Hey BMO looks like a functional football facility, albeit basic, but does the job for Toronto’s football teams. Certainly has enough seats for the Argo fanbase willing to attend games. 8) I would say, never been there but better looking to watch football on TV than “da Dome” thingy that’s for sure.

Indeed but what convinced me most was the concurrence with Mitchell in the article by none other than Toronto's S.J. Green. Fix this Toronto - it's inexcusable in a modern facility.

So was playing in baseball stadiums that the NFL did for decades, and now all the amazing records etc. and iconic records with all the NFL history, mean it doesn't matter?

Oakland? I mean come on, this is a joke when baseball players go from grass to the warning track, which is a seam and I'm not that bright but I can see that, and yet in baseball "it's all cool".

What a joke. Paolo, don't give in to the TFC fans that will continue to want to see the Argos exit BMO with any little stupid reasoning. Please Paolo, you're smarter than that.

This is what makes me consider soccer more of a joke than I now even consider. Unreal f..n real. Complete joke.

I have too many steps going from my house to my car without a railing and I have a movement disorder that makes me unstable at times and melt to the ground with total weakness that is stumping the neurologists. I was at Gage Park in Hamilton recently for a concert and couldn't even keep upright, they wanted to call the paramedics in but with manage with non true seizure epidoses. But I manage and don't complain too much. Take my Baclofen which doesn't help much. But come one people, I'm sick to my stomach with this joke of a thread. :-* :-* :-*

Alcohol helps though. 8)

Are you talking to me?

Toronto FC and soccer. The most boring sport being given pushed by globalist.

Aerial well when a receiver for the home team, and a top receiver in the CFL for years at that, says the end zones are not safe I take him seriously. I also believe that when visiting teams complain that they should be taken seriously, but to eliminate all doubt when the home team is complaining as well you really have to wonder.

So given that these complaints are legitimate, what should be done to improve the situation?

And I’m well aware of the gripes from the Toronto FC bunch about even sharing a a field with the Argos though I hear no complaints with regards to its use for other events such as rugby.

What should be done for the turf in the end zones? Mighty Goose and Enterprise Captain covered the matter below, and I’m not sure there is an easy solution if grass cannot be used also in the end zones and players wearing shoes for grass are on an artificial surface once they hit the end zones. ???

BMO Field is not a great venue. Its similar to a minor league hockey or baseball arena.

So it is what it is.

However TFC does not run the stadium so you can not blame soccer. And the 4,000 diehard soccer fans have no say in BMO Field so why blame them?

those fans are a small minority sports fans in toronto that only enjoy soccer and i'm sure they root for the Leafs (partially) cause they root for a team that gets no love around the GTA and root for a sport that gets no respect across the nation. So they see the CFL as a threat. But what they do not realize is if the CFL folded today soccer still wouldn't be popular and even respected in the media and advertisers. There just isn't enough support for it.

The Argos could complain but they would be complaining to their own owners, for what? The city owns the stadium.

The easiest thing to do would be to permanently remove the seats and install grass in the endzone. It would still leave TFC with plenty of seats. It is a public facility, therefore IMO it should be set up to accommodate as many organizations as possible. After all, the wider soccer pitch certainly means the sideline seating for Argos fans (what there are of them) must be set back farther from the sidelines than would otherwise be necessary.

That is correct. Grass could very well be the way to go.

They also reported that the east stands have plumbing issue and they might have to take apart the stands for damage. I'm not sure where the visiting locker rooms are but they have issues in the visiting rooms as well.

Have you seen the Argonauts locker room compared to TFC and the visitors? First class. They sure did a great job on the Argos room. A lot nicer than what TFC is given. the visiting locker rooms, I haven't been in but from what I have heard, they are terrible.

Sure, if grass is possible in the endzones, by all means. I guess it's a bigger issue than I think it is. I guess anyways. ???