BMO Field 2016

awesome we are moving to bmo in 2016... sad we have to sit in the rc for another year...
anyone going to miss the skydome :?


No I won't miss the Skydome.
The Skydome (I refuse to call it by the other name) was built without taking sight lines in mind. Unless it's full the atmosphere was always awful. Getting into BMO is going to be the rebirth of a proud franchise. With my team in a new stadium and the Argos rebirth, the QEW rivalry can finally be brought back to where it was in the glory years.
I'm looking forward to seeing "sold out" for all Argos home games soon.

with a 25k capacity its likely that all TiCat vs Argo games will be big tickets!


Of all the big team sports, the CFL is my favourite. I certainly watch the NFL but prefer the CFL game. BMO field does seem to be the perfect solution at this time. Perhaps it could even host an incredible Vanier Cup much in the way the old Varsity stadium did. The only potential hurdle I can see it the soccer team. Although I am a CFL guy first, Toronto FC does deserve a first class "pitch" to play on.

I live in Kingston so we have the Gaels and we are situated that I can travel to any of the Eastern based teams.

I hope this deal it real so that one more franchise is financially feasible going forward.

not sure where you've been my friend, but the deal is finalized, there is no going back now.

As for TFC, TFC doesn't deserve a first class pitch more than the argos deserve a first class field.
The argos have to pay rogers $100,000 per game to play at the crydome, and it sucks for football. TFC gets a fair amount of fans to the stadium but nobody watches them on TV, Argo ratings are like 5 times as high as tfc ratings. BMO was a publicly funded stadium... no reason that TFC has carte blanche on BMO field.

We have to remember that Bell has a big stake in both the CFL and MLS. Not just with TFC and now the Argo’s. BMO’s upgrades for soccer are for some bigger international events as well.
Bell is the one group that will do right by both teams and leagues

It's also nice to hear Queens will be be getting a new stadium for the 2017 season. Hat's off to Stu Lang and his wife for there generous donation.

But isn't the CFL a gate driven league? the teams make their money from people buying tickets and spend money on them concessions. I am sure the owners would much rather have people buying tickets than watching on them on TV.
The TFC also make a lot more money on them in-stadium advertising, the Argos would never be able to get that. One of the reasons is that TFC plays a lot more games than the Argos ever will.

As for TV ratings the Argo ratings are nowhere near 5 times as high as the TFCs, you seem to be confusing the overall CFL ratings. The CFL is very popular across Canada and a lot of people outside of Toronto watch all games.
I have read where in Toronto there are a lot more people watching TFC on TV than the Argos. Them 680,000 fans watching the CFL are not Argo fans...... :roll: Toronto itself makes up around 40k of the 680,000 national average viewers.
TFCs viewership is mainly in Toronto, most of their games are broadcast in Ontario only, you don't see their games broadcast in Western Canada or Quebec. There are not many TFC fans outside of Toronto but there are usually well over 140,000 watching TFC in Toronto itself. In actual fact there are close to 4 times as may people in Toronto watching TFC than Argo games. The Argos are just not on the radar in the city.
You can subscribe to Numeris as a business and get the regional breakdown, just like their attendance the Argos don't get a lot of viewers in Toronto.
They are going to need a lot of marketing to get fans to watch the Argos at BMO and also to try to get Torontonians interested even watching them on TV.

The CFL is still a gate driven league but that is beginning to change a bit. They no longer nee 50K a game to make a profit. The model is now around the 20-24K mark. With Premium seating for those who can afford it. The premium seating areas all come with a sponsor who pays $$$ for naming rights. With 600-700K TV avg ratings more prime areas that are seen on TV go for some bigger $$$ each year from corporate to local sponsors. There are deals with corporations who pay to have their brand patch on uniforms. Plus they are actually getting some decent, not great, $$$ from TSN for the rights.
every team makes a few more million each year from sponsors. Not enough mind you that they still do not need people in the seats but enough where it makes a difference in the bottom line of profit for sure.

The Argo's are only going to be allowed to step on the field 9 times during the season and a possible playoff game. They may or may not choose to even play their pre season game their as of yet.

With Bell/TSN owning them. they could take that pre season game and play it nearby in places like London. Or even take it out west to play the Riders in Saskatoon. Then have there away pre season game in Hamilton as it will be within the immediate area.
This is just my own thought

The Argos supposedly draw TV ratings similar to the Jays and the NFL in the GTA/S. Ontario market. That's probably why Bell worked so long and hard to buy the team.

The Argos are also, of course, the least valuable franchise in a league in which franchise values are increasing at a nice clip, so they represent a potentially valuable investment in that regard. And while the league is still largely gate-driven (though less and less so with each passing year), the new owners run/control the stadium (or 62.5 percent of it) and therefore reap revenues from any rent paid along with concessions, parking, advertising, etc., which obviously puts them in a better revenue position than the team has ever had at Skydome.

Hopefully, they will actually run a proper advertising campaign and create some ticket scarcity at a ~24,000 (?) capacity. Imagine scalpers selling Argo tickets for above list price!

Well said. Bell is the one ownership group that can easily turn a profit with the Argo's. As you stated with Tannenbaum they will be taking in 62.5% of the rent the pay to themselves being part of MLSE. Along with all of the Assets Bell owns synergy for sponsorships and corporate suites being bought by the same. The cost of running a CFL franchise is a drop in the bucket compared to their other assets.

I won't miss the Skydome either except when it Rains, is Too Hot or Too Cold. Two Hundred Level will always be the best location to watch a game in the Skydome.

Skydump is the worst stadium, neck to neck with the Big O, to watch any sporting event.

I will only miss the chance of embarrassing the city of Toronto and the Argos, like we did during the East Final two years back, when there was abundantly more black and gold then double blue in the stands. That's not to say that won't happen at BMO (and as a Ti-Cat fan, I will still feel that is awesome if that does happen) but as a CFL fan I would like to think the move to BMO will revitalize the Argo fan base enough, and will reduce the seating capacity enough so that it won't happen again.

So I suppose, I will miss the large seating, during the rare Argos home playoff game vs the Ti-Cats, and potentially said seating for a Grey Cup. Apart from that, I will not miss the Dome, at all.

Hardly neck to neck with the Big O. I mean the Skydome isn't that great but it really isn't as bad as the Big O. The ONLY thing that the Big O has going for it, is that there's a metro station right there. I was there for the 2010 East final, and I could barely see any of the play on the field I was so far away, which turned out to be a good thing the way the Argos played that day, but I never felt that disconnected from the play at the Skydome as I did at that hole. The Skydome sucks for for football, but not THAT bad.

The BigO hasn't had a penny except for the roof repairs put in it since the seventies. Even the scoreboard is mechanical and the screen uses bulbs. Speakers are all rotted or blown out... It is the worst place in North America to watch any event.

They put the roof on it not too long ago, not just repaired it. They did spend money on it.

SkyDome is WAAAYYY better than the Big O.

The only thing wrong with SkyDome is that lower bowl, which is awful. :thdn: But the rest of the building is excellent and highly underrated. Best concourse in the country. Really too bad about that lower bowl tho. Kinda spoils everything.

Everything about the Big O sucks. Lower bowl just as bad as SkyDome. Concourse is poorly laid out. Only stadium I ever got lost in. Tremendously bad use of space pretty much everywhere you look. That architect should have been put in jail for that piece of junk.

I thought he was ?

How does everyone feel about the potential of shortened endzones at BMO?

I know it's a bit of a cross post with the league forum, but thought i'd go to the source.