BMO Expansion is Not going to Happen.

But if all of the tickets were sold and half stayed at home does it really matter? the tickets were still sold. The season tickets at TFC are sold out. I don't think I want to sit through a game in this weather either, if I bought 20 or so season tickets I think I would only attend the warm weather games. With CFL football there are few games and they are mostly played when it's warm. I remember skipping a few of the Ticat late fall night games when the team wasn't doing too well.

As for TV ratings, Bob Young said it best when he said it's all well and good to have people watching on TV but they have to show up at the stadium and buy tickets.

Why are some CFL fans so obsessed with the success of other sports? That is something we can't control. The only way to keep the CFL succesfull is for fans to come out to the ball park. Comparing TV ratings doesn't mean a thing.
From what I know about TFC and the MLSE their fans would NEVER buy a ticket to a CFL game, it's foreign to them.

All that matters is tickets were sold, agree. Now I can’t imagine me ever paying to see a soccer game unless the owner of that soccer team also owns a CFL team and is serious about the CFL team winning our nation’s national football championship year after year, our Grey Cup. If he/she is serious, I just might go to see a roundball game or footy game, whatever it’s called in the streets.

The BMO expansion is likely going to die if the window to increase capacity in time for the Pan-Am games can't be done in time.

I must respectfully disagree Hf, I think the BMO expansion is mainly about or somewhat mainly about Toronto being able to host an outdoor game for the Leafs. I mean it's odd, Leafs are worth more than any other NHL team and arguably have the most iconic hockey history of any team in the world of pro hockey, and can't hold a winter game outside in the city they play in with these winter games all the rage in the NHL?

Weird. You have to know there is a big payday for the NHL and Leafs outdoors in Toronto. But can they make it happen?

I would agree I do not see the rush to have BMO expanded for the Pan AM games to host rugby 7's.
It is a big reason to have the Leafs having a stadium in which to join the outdoor classic party.
props to the city to stand up and say either make BMO CFL friendly or no permission for the friendlies. It will be almost a decade late for the Argos but it will be getting done.
BMO does not have to be Grey Cup friendly as RC can still be a capable place to host a Grey cup that will be sold out.
It could actually be a way to swing Rogers vote to get the Argos under the MLSE umbrella with the promise of the countries biggest annaul sporting event being held at a venue named for the Rogers company.
Rogers really has no interest in TFC either but they tolerate them to have the in for the Leafs and their delusional Dream of the NFL only being able to go through MLSE

What about the rumour that the Leafs are looking at THF for an NHL classic? If they can use THF annually they don't have to worry about BMO expansion.

I would think MLSE would rather have this game in Toronto most often, maybe the odd time in Hamilton perhaps since it's close and there are a lot of Leaf fans here and in s Ontario who would rather not have to travel to Toronto.

I wonder if the novelty of these NHL outdoor games will wear off. You have to be a dedicated fan to sit outside in below freezing temps, far from the ice to watch a game on a tiny ice surface compare to the football field dimensions.
I have trouble seeing where the puck is at a regular NHL arena, it must be impossible to see it at one of these outdoor games.

Wait a minute, they're claiming there was over 22,000 there? They are completely shameless. I guess it's a good thing that soccer fans are so gullible...

They think if they say it often enough, it will become true.

Oh yeah the pan-am crowds are going to be through the roof with demands for tickets. Wonder if they will get a crowd over 1,500 for any event in toronto besides the opening ceremony.

Well that was the "justification" :wink:

People from Toronto will be coming to Hamilton to watch the soccer team from their home country compete. Well, we'll see if that happens at any rate.

Evildoctor - as has been repeated hundreds of times on these chat boards attendance figures announced for games are TICKETS SOLD. I tried to buy a ticket to the TFC game last week and could not because the game was SOLD OUT! All 22,000+ tickets SOLD.

On a cold rainy day thousands who had tickets to the game decided to stay home. A phenomenon that is happening across North America for regular season games in outdoor facilities. On bad weather days there were as many as 20,000 no-shows at some NFL games this past season, just last week we saw Jays games in Pittsburgh and KC where announced crowds were more than double than how many people were actually in the stands on cold damp nights. Heck even the Argos have announced crowds in the 18,000 - 20,000 range (tickets sold) at the climate controlled Rogers Centre that have only had 13,000 or so people actually at the game - with no bad weather excuse for not going.

AND there is the element that corporate tickets are not always used, at any event in any sport (to varying degrees).

And before somebody watches tomorrow night's game and goes - see no TFC fans there again and starts to claim there is no need to expand BMO for TFC at all - I'll give you all a heads up now by copying a post from a different thread. The game is almost sold out - with most sections having only a handful of single seat left.

I've got to laugh. TFC home game - RAIN!. It is like clockwork. Gorgeous day today. Rain with possibly thunderstorms forecast to move in tomorrow afternoon / early evening. Gee - guess who has a 7:30PM game against the Whitecaps at BMO tomorrow night.

Unbelievable how unlucky they have been with the weather. This will mean something like 16 of their last 21 home games - rain. I just got invited to the game - but to get there costs me $27 on GO / Hamilton transit and buying a couple of beers another $22 and out of courtesy I would buy my friend who paid for the tickets a beer or two and suddenly it is approaching a $70 night to be sitting out in the rain. Hence I will pass.

And out of curiousity I just went on Ticketmaster and they have only a handful of tickets left with many sections only having a few single seats - including those sections that you will see on TV tomorrow night on the east side of the stadium. So when you see them empty tomorrow on a rainy night in Southern Ontario - I'm telling you now - almost all those seats are very much sold.

Good on TFC and MLSE! I hope though the grass doesn't get messed up, that would be a shame for the footies. :stuck_out_tongue: