Blues Jays training facility in Dunedin Florida

New complex will help Blue Jays catch up to MLB's player development field (

like wow. so many questions.

How much did the BJs contribute for this, beside their yearly lease?

How much did the Florida tax payers contribute?

How much do the Jays use this place?

Do they do anything in Canada besides playing home games in TO?

How much money do they spend in Canada?

It looks to me like most of the money they make off Canadians gets spent down south, by both players and team.

But to be honest, I wouldnt like it if Canadian tax payers contributed to such a place.

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Maybe I can offer a bit of help here, for Dunedin is right next to Clearwater and I had business and a social life there in my time in Florida. I did not get mixed up in the Jays' scene in the spring, but I had a rental I managed and a client within walking distance of the park.

Thanks for this trip down memory lane for my time from 2010 through 2015 during which I was on the forum here.

The only things I do miss about Florida are three big things.

  1. Sunshine 2) The Beach 3) Moonshine

Would I move back? Likely not because Florida lacks in so much else in daily life. Maybe I will become a snowbird, but maybe instead of Florida I'll just head to Texas or back to Las Vegas.

I do not think a penny comes from Florida but for perhaps some support on game day from first responders in exchange for all the money brought in by the Blue Jays.

They are a really big deal because on the nearby streets during the season even several blocks away, unlike the rest of the year, there are parking restrictions.

Should you visit Florida in the spring and be in the Tampa Bay area, I recommend Dunedin when otherwise you are not at the beach. I also would recommend it over the City of Tampa proper.

Stay in Pinellas County during your trip with plenty to do and find in the county without crossing a big bridge over the Bay.

And this year for the first few weeks of the season anyways it will be the regular season home park for the Jays' Then on to Buffalo with fingers crossed at some point back home to Toronto.

Hotels in Toronto hurting because of Covid of course do quite well during normal Jays seasons because especially for weekend series in the summer hundreds of hotel rooms are booked by visiting team fans and Jays fans from across Canada in town to take in the games.

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