BlueBombers lookin to make TRADES***

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The CFL trade deadline is tomorrow afternoon, and Winnipeg Blue Bombers GM Brendan Taman is doing quite a bit of chatting.

"We'll be actively pursuing things, but when it comes down to it we might not even do one," Taman said last night. "What have we got to lose?"

The answer to that is not much. The Bombers will miss the playoffs for the second season in a row, but improving the talent base obviously needs to be done.

Whether or not that will happen via trade this week remains to be seen.

"If the right one's out there to make and we can help ourselves -- more so probably for next year than this year, to be honest with you -- that's what we're going to look at," Taman said.

The Montreal Gazette reported yesterday that defensive backs James Whitley and Almondo Curry, along with defensive tackle Robert Brown, don't appear to be in the Alouettes' future.

"We have had discussions with Montreal about several possibilities, but nothing has transpired," Taman said, refusing to name names or face tampering charges. "We have open dialogue."

OOPS: When Winnipeg's Jon Ryan had a punt blocked on Sunday for the fifth time this season, it was a simple case of miscounting.

"They had two returners, so it's the easiest assignment distribution," Bombers head coach Jim Daley said. "We simply lined up and did not recognize that they had an extra man on this side and one less on that side.

"It's very unfortunate, because it led to points that obviously were more than the margin of victory."

Despite that blunder, Daley said his special teams had a "great day."

INJURY ROUNDUP: DB Anthony Malbrough (hamstring) will miss Saturday's game in Vancouver against the B.C. Lions.

Daley said he hopes to have Malbrough back for the season finale on Oct. 30 against Calgary, but Malbrough said he'll likely shut it down for the rest of the season.

There's a chance WR Chris Brazzell (leg) will return to the lineup this week, but Daley doesn't want to remove his replacement, Darnell McDonald, who on Sunday had six catches for 78 yards and a TD, and also provided stellar blocking.

Daley's a weiner - someone please trade him!!!

If Curry isn't part of the Alouettes' future, that's 100% because of Don Matthews. Sometimes, you just want to hate that fat carebear. Eh well, I still rather have him around than not. So I'll endure.

I totally agree with you. The guy shows up a couple days late to training camp and all of a sudden he cant play anymore? When we had him on the field he played well for us. This is 100% matthews doing. Whitley is already gone and brown is expendable but curry is very good adn should be kept. I find Im slowly but surely losing patience with matthews unless he wins us a grey cup in the next two years I dont see him getting much more time

...Curry is on Tamans list of 'guys we really need'.....don't know if Brendan can make a deal for him. though....depends on what the AL'S want....deadline for trades is tomorrow....we'll see.... :arrow:

deadline is tomorrow, but can teams still pick up unsigned guys, like Hack?

....I think by a certain part of the season you have to have your rosters set....but interesting question...can someone fill us in...

It was on the sports news this morning that the Bombers have to many aged players on defense and it time to go with youngin's. The linebackers were of concern and defensive backs. Again the trade Lysak for Marlborough what did I say Anthony is injury prone. Good player but seems to be hurt al the time. Bad luck or bad conditioning who knows. Had Taman done his job in the spring the Bombers would probably be in the play offs.

the bombers have never recovered from the loss of Brian Clarke at LB.......adding Malbrough and Hall will help the year as both are hurtin......we need a dominant middle LB again but that putts Taman cant see past his own nose.

I can not understand what he did in the spring. He did nothing to upgrade the Bombers. All the players he did bring in were cut. Again this is the problem when you stand pat on the players with no real competition. Can you imagine if he had done his job where the Bombers might be in the playoff hunt.

He did exactly what he had to RW05 to balance the books......this year was about getting the young guys some playing experience, separating the men from the boys, seeing what there was for potential, for next year. Hosting the cup in 06 is what they are trying to build for, we probably had one of the lowest payrolls this year, this off season will be about signing the right people to fill the voids, hows that song go......Im on a low budget, check it and see......

Other then a kicker I do not see any changes other then through the trade route. Where is the recruitment is there any? Believe me if Taman doesn't do his job in the off season my guess the Bombers will be right back to this year missing the play offs IMO.

maybe they'll trade stegall, charles roberts, and whoever else is good for some backup eskimos :stuck_out_tongue: ....where have i seen that before...

PS edmonton will win the west mark my word

I could see it happening.. the Esks seem to have a way of raping other teams of their talent. I'm kind of hoping they'll trade us Spergon Wynn for Danny Wimprine.