Blue vs Double Blue

Does anyone know if this game will have the blackout lifted? I doubt it since there has already been a couple lifted, but it must be pretty close to being sold out......

Anyways, hoping for a good game, 2 points and injury free heading into the LD showdown :rockin:

As of yesterday, I heard around 27,500 sold, so it looks like it will be SRO, which means no blackout.

We do always have a strong walk up crowd, and with the Stegall tribute I can't see this one not being sold out.

But I have said this before, and I'll say it again: A sell out does not automatically mean the black out will be lifted. Each team HAS to lift 2 blackouts, they can do it for any game they wish. Why a team wouldn't lift every blackout which is a sell out is beyond me'd think that would be awesome advertising.

Oh well, I'm just disappointed I can't make it to this game, and I'm hoping to catch it on TV.