Blue Team vs. Als game thread (Aug. 7, 7 pm. TSN)

Can the Blue Team turn the ball over leass than five times? Can Kerry Joseph throw the ball to anybody?
Can they pull off a huge upset in Montreal or with the Als slice-and-dice T.O.'s defence?

Will the Cats gain more breathing run in the race for second in the East?

Tune in to TSN at 7 p.m. ET for the pregame and find out!

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ's pre-game review of tonight's tilt can be found at [url][/url].

Oski Wee Wee,


A toronto loss is good for our second place standing, but a montreal loss and a cats win tomorrow ties us for first :o .
I suppose I hate the argos more so....go Als.

Let's go Montreal :rockin:

I hate the Blue Team

Howdy boys and girls!

Montreal is Playing Sloppy


The Als go on a third-down gamble, Calvillo is hit, he fumbles -- Evil Incarnate recovers. A bit of a dice roll for Trestman early.

WOW.. huge stop by the Als!!

Ummmm, did the coaches share the same water bottle? LMAO

Bad gamble by the Blue Team...a handoff to Robertson on a 3rd-and-short??? Ugh.

Calvillo is plowed!

WTF why didn't the Als play like this playing us???? they have a soft spot for the blew team??

Why Joseph dropped back to hand off to Robertson on 3rdd and 1, I don't know.

Calvillo not doing as well as usual, neither team's offence impressing me. Then we finally see point scored after punt single. 1-0 Als.

1-0 Als on the monster punt single by Duval. Slow starts for both offenses so far.

boooooooooooooooo 1st down bad guys!

Blew team leads in sacks, we're in last place.

I guess sack totals are overrated, just look at who is ahead of who in standings. :slight_smile:

Blew team FINALLY gets FD? With 3:20 left in 1st quarter? After they get 3nd and less than yard right this time, yes.

I think Count Chocula got it right on this gamble. LMAO

PICKED OFF.. Als ball!

Armpunt by joseph!

major foul on T.O. as well

Joseph throws wobbler into double coverage, free safety recovers armpunt.

Pick #1 for him.

1-0 Als after the first quarter. :wink: