Not sure if this has been posted. Sorry if this has been posted. The Argonauts release both John Avery and Robert Edwards on Thurs.

Both wise moves.

Watch them sign Holmes any day now.

The East just got a little tighter.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think Anthony Davis will finally get the chance that he never got with the Ti-Cats.

I hope Davis has a lot of success.. just not against the Cats :slight_smile:

It is now confirmed. While many of us came to believe over the years that Avery must have had some very incriminating photos of Pinball, it is clear that he is not in possession of similar embarrassing pics of Stubler.

On behalf of CFL fans everywhere, I would like to thank Mr. Avery for not releasing his archives to the public. I’d rather remember Pinball the way I do now.