Blue Team QB Change

Lemon squeezed out by Bell.

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I can't believe it took this long...I can only assume that it is because Bell is not any better than Lemon. Another thing I can't believe is that the Argos have not yet signed NFL castoff Trent Edwards as is their usual MO.

If Lemon wasn't concussed he'd be starting again this weekend. Bell had the better preseason but Barker felt Lemon had more potential. I think he was wrong.

Reminds me of the Cats giving Porter the 1st string job and waiting forever to see the light and switching to Glenn. Now Bell's getting his chance.

An Argo-Cat fan

from the link...

"Dalton Bell is the Argonauts’ starting quarterback.

Argos head coach Jim Barker will make the announcement on Tuesday following practice.

Cleo Lemon, who started 12 games as the Argos compiled a 6-6 record, suffered a concussion during Touchdown Atlantic on Sunday afternoon in Moncton. The Argos lost 24-6 to the Edmonton Eskimos.

It’s believed, though, that Barker was going to make the change even if Lemon had not been hurt.

The Argos’ offence is the worst in the Canadian Football League and Lemon, though he has not been totally out of place, has not got into a rhythm."

Gone to the J Jaguars.

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As for this link about barker? :?

On the Argo's Website, Barker is going to wait till Thursday to make a decision on who to start; Lemon/Bell. If Lemon is (concussion) strugglin somewhat, perhaps Barker should start D. Bell and see what he can muster up against Sask.

Things were going sour with Lemon.
Time to ring in some changes with Bell.


Who could have foreseen, when the Argos started the season with a set of QBs whose combined total of CFL experience was ZERO, that they might run into problems at the position?

The Argos will be a gong show with Bell in there. Lemon has at least played at full speed in regular season games in both the NFL and CFL. This will be ugly, folks.