Blue Team Logo Change

It is all about marketing,teams have changed their logos many times.I think if we look at all the CFL teams you will find some kind of change, some major some minor.As for the blew teams logo,if I had to choose one of their logos,I would choose one of the football with the oars, seeing that covers their football and rowing history.Real or cartoon version what ever draws the eye of the consumer is the one that sells and that means $.

this is my second try to post on this thread, here goes.

the argos have had WAY too many logos over the years, and they've finally managed to get it right, but are considering going back to the previous disastors?

they need to just leave it as it is.
it is the best one they've ever had.
it looks best on merchandise and on their helmets.

they need to have some integrity and stop going for a quick cash-grab from their fans.

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I agree this logo is way better !!

The boat logo from the seventies was the big winner on a poll on Friends of the Argonauts.

Any of the Argos logos over the years are iconic Canadiana IMHO, I love them all. It's just a cool monikor, if that's the right word.


You're welcome. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

The Teach LOL

Updated Jason Logo,

This one, but with a white A on blue helmet, with thick double blue stripes on the pants. No idea why they changed the striping on their pants.

Actually, they all look pretty good, as long as they're sideways after being gang tackled by the Ticats D!

(You guys are taking this thread WAY too seriously. Isn't this the Ticats forum?)

2011 season is more than 6 months away. Gotta find something to do in the mean time.

You guys have dug up so many blew team logos it makes think there is more than one team TO. :lol: So, on that note hows about a little Hamilton football logo history,Alerts, Flying Wildcats, Tigers, Tiger-Cats.


Realizing that it's a bit late in the game, I offer my own take on where the Argos should go for inspiration:

[url=] ... ogo-again/[/url]

I’m not very tech savvy with this sort of thing, but I figured I’d throw something togther :lol: