Blue team get D-Lineman Flemons back

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Eric Tillman announced today they have
acquired import receiver T.J. Acree,

the rights to negotiation list player Brian Smith

and a future third round draft pick from Toronto.

In return the Argo’s receive import
defensive lineman Ronald Flemons

and a future fifth round draft pick.

Apparently, his old coaches really wanted him back.

Anything that strengthens the blue team I don't like.

Stubler didn't think Acree stepped up when given a chance.

An Argo-Cat fan

This a Panic Move by Stubler..
He didn't like Giving up 300 yards to Hamilton.

The Argo D has ruled the roost for years. The Ticats have stunk mightily for years.

So, perspective please. Assertions of the demise of the Argonaut D are not credible.

OTOH, virtually all Argo fans are quite happy to see signs of life in the Ticat football club. Obviously, after the Nth successive demolition, one hopes to see actual football contests from this point forward.

RM is right.