Blue team cuts....


See you Wednesday!


#66 OT Patrick Afif*

#2 RB Tyler Ebell*

#41 LB Nick Hannah*

#84 WR Kenny Higgins*

#29 DB Pete Hunter*

#76 DL Kevin Huntley*

#91 DE Ben Ishola*

#38 CB Sammy Joseph*

#87 WR Matt Lambros

#14 WR Kinsmon Lancaster*

#85 WR Todd Lowber*

#83 WR/KR Jerome Mathis*

#94 DE David McMillan*

#82 WR/KR Kenny O’Neal*

#68 OL Zachary Pollari

#17 QB Stephen Reaves*

#89 WR Cleannord Saintil*

#62 OG Gordon Sawler

#80 WR Brad Smith

#18 RB Da’Shawn Thomas*

#54 OL Chris Van Zeyl

*denotes import

Several of these players will be added to the club’s practice roster when that list is announced on Saturday, June 27.

Thanks MIke!

Ebell that means in the final analysis the Argos traded Noel Prefontaine for nothing? And are now unsure of who's to be their kicker so they've kept both guys they brought in?

wasnt Matt Lambros rated the #1 reciever heading into the draft? or is that Carter im thinking of?

interesting to see that Ebell got released

Actually Pre was traded to Edmonton for a first-round pick which was dealt this year to BC for Jason Pottinger.

Ebell and TJ Acree came to Toronto last year for Jordan Younger, who's back in Toronto this year via free agency.


Thanks again MIke, I stand corrected (not for the first time, and doubtless not for the last time, either).

Hopefully Ebell's career isnt over because of last years injury, but im glad Paytons back in the league

I'm surprised that Ebell was beaten out of a job by Robertson. And after investing a year into Thomas, I'm sorry to see him go. He's still just a kid. Sorry to see Smith go too. Glad Payton made the cut. However, I wonder what cut guys will still be kept around.

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