Blue Team Cuts Seven

The Argos released seven players today:

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i thought they would keep Patrick Johnson he seemed like a good WR

I wasn't surprised at Johnson's release. He's good but not good enough to crack a pretty good receiving corps. I was more surprised at Maranda's release. He was supposed to be groomed as Oshea's replacement. I think this was his second training camp with the Argos too.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think this was Maranda's first camp as a pro...could he be a practise roster candidate?

I am surprised Jerome Davis was not on that list, he had a tough 1st half last night...

Let's not do this revolving door thing again. I prefer to go to Ticat games and not have to look at the program after every play like last year.

I agree with the last post. Unless the Cats get hit with a ton of injuries this year, I do not expect the Mount Hope weekly airliift. LOL

The only sure bet of a revolving door being temporarily put in service is if Giguere winds up being available as a Colts camp cut. Guaranteed the Cats would find a way to get him into the lineup PDQ.

Oski Wee Wee,

8) Coach Taaffe expressed surprise on CHML late yesterday when he was told the Argos had released Patrick Johnson !!!! Don't be surprised if the Cats do bring him in for a look see !!!

There is going to be a lot of wheeling and dealing and roster juggling in the next few hours and days, between practice rosters and injury reserve players !!

Could be an interesting time for sure !!