Blue team - Bombers game thread (3:30 ET, Sept 23)

The game will follow the Als-Esks game on TSN.

This is the game I'm more interested in... Go Peg.. if WE can't be in the playoffs.. I don't want the Blue team there either!!


3-0 T.O.

Dorsey with a huge return for a TD -- convert hit the upright!

11-0 T.O.

WPG needs to step it up and march down the field... we need to keep the 3 point spread on them when they arrive here next weekend.

and no great catch from Armstrong...

Bishop armpunts it to Hebert.

Westwood misses from about 24 yards out.

11-1 Blue Team

I dunno how Troy keeps his kicking job in WPG... he's got about the worst success percentage in the league.

14-1 Toronto, 7:25 left 2nd quarter -- Prefontainne FG

Glenn picked by Steinauer, Prefontaine with a completion on a fake punt, Bishop fumbles, recovered by Walls -- call is being challenged...

Are we seeing the TRUE Blue here... man WPG looks bad so far

Play stands -- Wpg ball!


Bishop to Murphy TD – 21-1 Toronto…

If the frickin blue team gets into the Grey Cup game this year I'm gonna snap!

28-1 T.O on the Wheaton INT TD return.

Winnipeg is showing itself to be up and down like a toilet seat yet again. If they can't get focussed enough to play a big East game against a rival with standings's pretty sad.

Stegall is out, which is usually a killer for Glenn. Roberts hasn't even gotten into the game -- they are completely flat.

You can't play the Blue Team like that and expect to win.

Oski Wee Wee,

If this is the performance the bummers bring to Southern Ontario, I hope we completely dismantle them in six days.

I guess we're seeing the real Bomber team here.. they don't look as tough as everyone says... man this bites.....only grace saver is EDM won today too so it's a wash!