Blue Team - Big Blue Spies game thread, July 24

7:30 ET, TSN

Looking for a 1-0 Bombers win with lots of ineptitude, carnage, and head shaking. LOL

Seriously though, the loser of this will be the doormat of the East.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think i’ll skip watching the first toilet bowl game of the year.

It's early in the first quarter, Argos have the ball on the Winnipeg 40 yard line.

Suddenly a car passing by has a tire blow-out.

Winnipeg, thinking it's the gun to end the game, leave the field.

10 plays later, the Argos score.

Belli is ejected for punching himself in the face.

Bart Andrus appears confused as Kerry Joseph explains that the "zero coverage" of the Bombers is causing him problems since he can't locate the safety.

Rob Murphy piles on at the Bomber 53, causing him to choke on a cloud of Field Turf pellets. LOL

Meanwhile, Glen Suitor is in rapturous assent to Bart Andrus "rebuilding" the Argos into respectability, mainly from his wistful nostalgia at how Count Chocula made his breakfasts better as a kid. :wink:

Indeed, this game may put the "ic" in "epic."

I will survive. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

I see winning two games before labour day for the first time in a decade has filled you guys with a lot of arrogance.

what was that? I cant make out what you’re saying, you should swallow your crow sandwhich before you speak :stuck_out_tongue: jk.

We made the playoffs in 2000, 2001, and 2004. Do the math.


Its too bad both teams couldnt lose :cry: but I am thinking the Spy Bombers might win this.

Alright, one team is lacking receivers, the other is lacking a QB.

I hope both teams will look sloppy, with the Bombers stumbling their way to victory in spite of themselves. And it would not surprise me if that happened.

Shell with a big hit for a T.O. sack!

Joseph armpunteth!

Joseph throws low wobbler intended for McNeal, appeared to be tipped, WPG picks, already in FG range. (And they get FG, 3-0 WPG.)

They'll rely on McNeal. Interesting to see Bradwell starting. Those who followed CIS might say that Mac grad is good, and they need him to come up big.

Serna 3 Medlock 0 -- it's early. LOL

Blue team depends heavily on McNeal and Robertson, and WPG D knows it.

Brock Ralph (who Cuthbert confused with his brother, calling him Brett) did fumble that, Andrus made good call to challenge, but slightly early whistle will mean it'll be a 3-3 tie between Medlock and Serna.

Looks like a fumble from the Bombers...Blue Team recovers, but the whistle ends the play. Play could be challenged. Looks like the whistle was too quick, so Argos are SOOL. LOL

But wait, the review is on! Toronto should win this one.

T.O. ball on the Wpg 30 -- penalties called on Wpg as well -- ball on Wpg 10!

bahahah Kelly just cost himself 20 yards... way to set the example

All great spies are composed. :slight_smile:

Serna 3 Medlock 3