Blue Team at EEEEEs Game Thread (August 6, 10 pm ET, TSN)

Argonauts at Eskimos
Tonight at 10pm et/7pm pt
Also available on TSN HD

We shall see how Edmonton responds to the Maciocia firing and if they can win a second game in a row, this time against Evil Incarnate.'s game preview is at .

Oski Wee Wee,




Looking forword to Toronto getting there buuts kicked cause you know what they say "Nobody BLOWS like the Argo's" :rockin:

Man Edmonton's retro uniforms are ugly lookin'.

Montreal's are pretty nice though. :thup:

Well… a quick 3-0 lead for blew…

Interesting to see nothing but handoffs to Whitlock on drive. I know you want to establish the ground game, but he was going to get stopped at some point.

Wait, did blew team have 13 players on field to continue Esk drive?

Because I saw Owens count players on field.

I liked suggestion to have a 12 pack on the field, and whoever is empty handed go to the sidelines.

Wow.. Edmonton REALLY sucks

Boyd has looked impressive, got some good blocks.

But yes, Esks are quite beatable.

I only hope that the Eskimos look this bad when the Ticats have to play them. But knowing our team and our luck...that'll be the night the Esks put it together.

Shaw wide-right for the rouge, 11-0 blew team.

Will we see passes on next Esk drive?

8) Ahh, how right you are !! :wink:

Was good to see Esks get somewhere on a drive, leading to FG.

3 points… they break the goose egg

8) A real cheap shot there on Boyd by Glatt !!

That was a dumb penalty to take. Gained them 15 yards.

Shaw wide right again for another rouge, 12-3.

Neither team looking that great.

how come the blew are not wearing there retros???????

I think only the home teams are wearing them this year

Good question.

Prefontaine gets rouge of his own, the 3rd missed FG tonight. Esks offence was getting somewhere, and they only get one point out of it.

then why did the riders wear retros?

last year all teams had a set of away and home