Blue Team after Dickenson

Dave Dickenson is ready to resume playing in the Canadian Football League and the Toronto Argonauts have made him an offer, reports CKNW in Vancouver.

I wonder what Michael Bishop is thinking?

I can't see Dickeneson having any durability at all given his concussion history.

Makes the QB situation in the east pretty interesting.

Winnipeg - Kevin Glenn who emerged as a bona fide solid CFL starter last year.

Montreal - AC is aging and the team declined last year. Plus the health issues with AC's wife. WIll it be Brady's team?

Toronto - Dickenson, maybe. Bishop, Allen or Butler? failry uncertain. SO much for faith in Bishop if they're pursuing Dickenson.

Hamilton - Printers getting a fresh and solid start right from training camp but the team, once again, has to learn a whole new offence you would think with Bellefeuille taking over as OC.

Don't jinx it, Cap.

All I can say that if Dickenson does sign with the Argos, they better make sure they sign a big RB who can pass block. Guys like John Avery and Anthony Davis pass blocking would be disaster for DD.

Michael Bishop can think?

At this point, we should remember he was ahead of Tom Brady on the patriots depth chart...

Dickenson was at one of the Grey Cup parties hosted by the Argo ownership.This appears to have been in the works for a couple of months at least.Dave will sign with the Argos which means Allen’s days are numbered.No surprise there.
Capt. Kirk suggested that with a new offensive coordinator,the Cats will have a whole new playbook.I think the Cats used Charlie’s playbook last year and they’ll use it again this year in order to maintain some continuity.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Dave with one foot on the hospital stretcher and the other in a knee brace, they better have a good backup. I wonder if Bish will wait around.

Man Toronto like those old guys.:wink:

D.D. has offers from other teams,so, I wouldn’t bet on the Argos yet.

Could see him in Montreal or Calgary again…

Where dose that leave Ben Sankey Or AC

Where dose that leave Ben Sankey Or AC
Hey, if AC is cut then we could sign him and let him retire as a Ticat...........sarcasm

If he signs with the argos then argos will definitely take a step backwards (bishop will loose confidence & dickenson is one play away from retirement...o and lets not forget about allen).

Good point, Pat. Charlie was supposed to be a offensive minded HC, so I wonder how much of a difference MB at OC will make.

One thing is for sure, Printers' style is different from Maas', so that at least should reflect some change.

DD still owns a house in Calgary. I'd like to see him in Toronto behind Bishop but I think he still has strong ties to Calgary. I see him in red/white in 2008.

An Argo-Cat fan

Cant see this being good pr for the args... D.D was a great cfl qb, but to many injuries , seeing him get beat up again would not be good imho.