Blue should look into getting Kent Austin as QB coach

I am not sure if the Bombers already have a QB coach. But I think that it would help them out alot. They need someone just to work with QB's and I think that Kent Austin could help groom our stable of QB's. Just look what he did with Damon Allen who has played some of his best football in past few years.

bad idea. maybe sask wants him. kent austin was never smart but he had talent. burgess never had talent but was smart. i would rather have him as a qb coach. it was an interesting combination wathing those two back in the days. when they would come in for each other the whole game could change because of their different styles. and anyways working hasn't done anything wrong to get himself canned. and if he had i would let berry get involved a bit because he did wonders with ac in mont.

doesnt berry help the QBs?

That would be the worst thing Taman could do for this team. Bring in that loser for your team. But hey I am a Stamp fan what would I know right Pappa! :lol:

austin's not getting much support here it seems. i for one am not surprised.

I think I heard Austin wants to pursue a career outside of football.

Austin would likely get the Head Coach job in Ottawa if he wants it, and that Jenkins guy would be O Cord.

I think Kent Austin should stay in the CFL - classless Argos and Clemons have done more by that firing to set back the development of future CFL coaches with CFL playing experience than anything I can come up with in recent years. Ranks right up there with the way the teams have treated the CFL commish. Without class and seemingly without justification.

....don't need Austin....maybe he can find a home with the toothless tabbies....after that hapless performance against the Argos ...they need help....they fluked one against us a game ago..but have returned to their D minus game ....Kent Austin would shake things up there for sure....and maybe ease himself into the head-coaching job there.....He prefers to be in the least that's what he told the Bombers in his interview for head coach ...before we hired Berry.. :roll:

If he stays in Football,I can see him landing in Steeltown.

If he stays in Football,I can see him landing in Steeltown.