Blue Out

Some fans at the official Bombers forums are organizing a Blue Out for the game against Hamilton on November 8. Some people have contacted the Bombers and various members of the media asking for help to promote the idea. The Bombers are on board and apparently Bob Irving will be bringing it up on the Mike Kelly Show on CJOB on Monday. So all those going to the game remember:

Wear your Blue and wear it proud!!


What is it?

People wearing blue to the game like the White Outs the Jets used to have.


Great idea to show our boys some love...hope it works better than the white-outs used


they should supply blue shirts with Blue out written on them just Fan appreciation gift from bombers

A lot of the Winnipeg media is onboard. The Blue Out has been mentioned on a number of radio stations and will be talked up on local TV as well. The Bombers marketing people have had a meeting to help out but they are going to emphasize that this is a fan initiative.

After my Ticats beat your Bombers in the final game of 2009, the Labatt Blue will be out of your stomach...all over your living room floors.

nice comment i cant see hamilton beating winnipeg lol

Don't you mean Blow Out :wink:

Could you see Hamilton nearly beating the #1 team in the CFL with almost 600 yards of offense falling only 3 points short after getting owned by them 2x in a row? Could you see Winnipeg beating Montreal with Montreal at 13-2? Could you see Edmonton beating Montreal when they did after losing massively the first time? The CFL’s unpredictable. On in two’s wrong to assume this win is in the bag, but he’s not wrong to assume it’s possible. May the best team win.

Couldn't agree more! This is one of the best years I can remember in the CFL! Montreals last TWO games (yes - I include the Cats even though they did not get the "W") proved that anybody can beat anybody this year! Placing money on any team to win the Grey Cup will be a risky bet!

As for that last game of the year - your right 15_championships, "May the best team win"! It should be a good one!

I refuse to be a part of any 'BLUE OUT",the name sounds lame.But I have no problem with another old Jets slogan,I wanna be part of "THE CHARGE OF THE BLUE BRIGADE" :slight_smile: sounds allot cooler to me.

An alternate name being used is a take-off of the Flames playoff thing - Sea of Blue.

HA HA The ad I'm getting at the top of the page right now is a SaskTel one with a BLUE piggy bank.