Blue Origin flight and Capricorn One movie

What evidence do we have the Blue Origin flight actually took place instead of being staged?

Because Bezos' rocket looks like a battery operated vibrator. As Austin Powers once said "Does it make you horny? Oh, Behave!" LOL

The most important thing is


All I see out of this is
A Multi trillion dollar 10 minute joy ride to space by 2 arrogant and rediculously rich guys,
While here on Earth we are going thru one of the biggest catastrophies of modern times for the last 2 years.


But it's good to see these billionaires taking over from NASA.
Bezos has employed thousands of people in the research, development and launch, it's not like the money was wasted or hoarded. I see it as put to good use

I loved Capricorn One. Trivia for you. The helicopter crash scene was used as stock footage in the 1981 TV show "The Fall Guy". I remember watching the episode and telling my wife that they "stole" that footage.

With today's advances in video editing tools this question needed to be asked.

With all of the lying and cheating in federal government with globalism, everything needs to be examined.

Aren't you afraid Alouette games could be staged because of gambling revenue influence?

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Lying and cheating in federal government with globalism??
What does that even mean?

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How do we know you posted this, or is this staged?:thinking:

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Are you really that lost? Or just a troll?
What does that have to do with my question?
Care to answer?

No Iā€™m sure Jeff went up in his little ...ahem...toy.

Love how he thanked all the Amazon customers and employees for basically making it all possible. Rumour has it he was so happy he let all employees have one washroom break - just for today though.

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I heard he also gave them an extra 15 minutes on their lunch break but only if they agreed to give up their 15 minute afternoon coffee break .

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And they will have to fill out an employee experience survey afterward.

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I read somewhere online there have been male employees peeing in bottles and then continuing to work, at the Amazon warehouse locations.

The only thing we have in common is we both like the CFL.

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So I guess you wont be answering me question

Isn't there a big Amazon warehouse near Hamilton and another in Ottawa?
I heard that they treat their employees there pretty good.
They make $16 an hour in Canada, better than no job

Yes , there is one in Hamilton and their service is unbelievably fast . We've ordered stuff off them in late afternoon and it was sitting on our porch the next morning .

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