Blue news for the Bombers -- Harris suspended

Good thing he didnt shove an official too then he’d really be in hot water.

He claims he got it from product contamination. I sure hope this stuff isn’t in my Cap’n Crunch. ;D

2 games for steroids=2 game vacation.


I hope it is in my Captain Crunch…I could use a 2 day suspension from my boss.

Precedent is set: PED violation = Simon’s hit on Collaros…

Curious timing by league.

Good on the league for being strict maybe but wouldnt you want your CDN superstar in the highest ratings game on the highest ratings non playoff weekend on the schedule ?

Suspension couldnt wait ?

No. All 2-game suspensions MUST be enforced when that team plays Saskatchewan.

Test was on July 12. Suspension could, indeed, wait for over a month.

Max suspension is max suspension.

Mike Jones and Brandon Banks both got two games.

This all reminds me of the old speed trap trick the OPP used to pull in Fort Erie when coming back from Buffalo. They would set up a trap and the drivers who got by it would then speed up again thinking they were in the clear. Then 2 kilometres down the QEW they set up another trap. ;D

If a player gets tested and passes then he might take a shot of this steroid figuring that it is unlikely they will get re-tested in the 4 weeks it takes this stuff to exit the body.

Harris stats and games all tainted ?
Your move, CFL Nissan Power Rankings

Guess I was wrong on max suspension.

Defensive tackle Quinn Smith of the Calgary Stampeders was slapped with a three-game ban after testing positive for the anabolic steroid methandienone. It marked the second time Smith had tested positive in his football career.

I was being facetious.

Interesting note - Kuznetsov, who plays for the Capitals, was suspended for 4 years by the IIHF for a cocaine violation. The NHL does NOT consider cocaine a PED. Therefore, he will not be suspended by the NHL.
This was negotiated in the last CBA. Makes me think that there might be a LOT of coke users in that league…

Smell you later, MOP award?

Its astrix * time again!

Product contamination? What happened when a person takes responsibility for their actions and make up an excuse? Harris in my opinion has lost his luster and has probably taken performance enhancing drugs before and has lucked out with the timing of such tests. No remorse or any apology just a flimsy excuse. Not a stand up guy at all.

Harris is a great player, but the “tears” he “shed” at his press conference today certainly looked like the crocodile variety to me.

describe what those tears look like

Yup gotta agree with ya . Harris certainly won’t be winning any academy awards with that performance. Sorry to say but I personally think that he’s as guilty as guilty can possibly be .