Blue Jays WS 1992-1993 killing the ARGOS

I just read an interesting article, I thought I would share.

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Now I like Baseball and think both the Jays and Argos can survive in Toronto. But if I had to choose one it would be the Argos for sure. I think each of us Argo fans need to try and recruit a new fan each season.




Well, not real news, this has been discussed a lot over the years. While I'm not a big baseball fan and wasn't into the Blue Jays winning and didn't even watch much of the games of the World Series wins, hey I grew up a Tiger fan in baseball and will always be one, I do hope the best for the Jays and their fans and hope Canada doens't lose the Jays but at some point they will need a real homey baseball stadium. Going to Jays games is way too stuffy for me.

For me, the Argos are way more important to me since I love football and the CFL and Grey Cup way more than baseball and the Jays, I grew up an Argo fan in London, Ontario and while I live in Hamilton and cheer for the Cats, the Argos still have a bit of a sweet spot in my heart. Now at some point if we can get the Argos to play all the games outside in a 25,000-30,000 seater, well, that would be friggin awesome. Fortunately the Argos survived the Blue Jays bonanza back in the early 90's, wasn't sure that would happen, but man it's cool the franchise has survived and many say quite unexpected, nice! :thup:

Its truly amazing how much the Argos have had to put up with in this city, the fact that they have survived all these years and are now as strong as ever (off the field), shows how passionate and dedicated the team's true fanbase is.

it is impressive isnt it?

It sure is. :smiley:

Here is my stance on the Blue Jays, and I suppose to an extent Baseball in general.

I could take a $20 GO-train to Toronto (or spend $20 for parking and gas), buy a ticket and get two beers for $12 (if I'm lucky) or I could drive to the beerstore, buy a two-four for $30, water my lawn and watch traffic go by. It would cost the same, I'd have 22 extra beers, get the same amount of fresh air and probably be just as entertained.

I'd much rather head into Toronto to see the Cats crush the Argos, or the Argos perform a miracle then sit through 9 innings of a fundamentally boring game. As crazy as it may sound, I think the Argos still succeed because of how close Toronto is to Hamilton. Last time I went to an Argo game, 1/3 the stadium was dressed in the Black and Gold.

didnt the argos win the season series against the ticats last season? not important but just saying and umm baseball sucks. the skydome, sorry rogers center, ive been there once and i thought it was the worst atmosphere ever for baseball, just looks so empty most nights, i mean, 60,000 seats but the jays avg less than the argos and the jays tickets are probably cheaper too.

its nice having a baseball team in canada, but since im closer to minneapolis than i am toronto… GO TWINS!! :stuck_out_tongue:

not a fan of baseball but have to admit, been to a couple ball games over the years, a couple in toronto, couple in minneapolis and i have to say that winnipegs northern league baseball stadium has a better atmosphere then these big league teams do.

i dunno, if u havent been and come to wpg, go check out a goldeyes game. like i said baseball sucks but that stadium is impressive.

Nope, the series went 2-2 but we won the Classic to tip the scales, and yes baseball = zzzzz

Wow, you guys have one .500 record ever ten years and you start talking smack. Since 2000 the ARGOS have beaten the ti-cats more and are even 4-5-1 on labour day (in the hammer).

One playoff win the last decade! No grey cups. yeah it'll be a real miracle to beat the Might Cats. LOL

I like baseball, I find it enjoyable to watch. It's also cheap to attend. But I would much rather watch football GO ARGOs!!

Theres the same amount of blue in the stands when the Argos play in Hamilton, and we still have higher average attendance :cowboy: so go to your own forum and relish in your 1 .500 season in 5 years lol

That's why I get angry when fans from other teams (mostly western team fans) take shots at the Argos fans. Ticat and Argo fans are by far, by far the most resiliant and appreciative fans in the the league. I have a good feeling about this year's Argos.

I don't think they will be in the Grey Cup but I think some new stars will be made and this team is going to steal some games here and there and improve on last year.

Thanks HfxTC....not too often a 'Cats fan sticks up for hated Argo fans.....really hope the Hamilton stadium issue gets resolved in a manner that will favour the Ti-Cats.