Blue Jays vs B.C/Calgary

It seems that TSN is showing the Jays from 7 to 10 and then Calgary vs B.C right after. If the Jays game is not over at 10 who will lose out.

Dude. It's TSN! Of course they'll show the baseball game until the post game analysis is complete. Time permitting, they'll show the remaining moments of the CFL game.

so let me get this straight...if there is another 18 inning game then we will miss the most of the cfl game?

........hope they have extra phone lines set up in Calgary to take complaints if this kind of crap happens.....

I gotta agree that it's crap to show baseball over football ...

Unfortunately they can't cut out of one show to go to another ... it seems to be more important to show the end of one thing than the beginning of the other.

Stupid policy (especially if it involves baseball or nascar (anyone remember that?) pre-empting football).

And I'll complain just for the sake of complaining, but it won't do anything ... :wink:

Here's hoping the baseball game ends in 2 hours ... of course, it's baseball, so fat chance :frowning:

They have no chioce because of contracts.

.......well then I for one will not buy anything they advertise in their commercial timeslots.....I am usually running out to buy anything that TSN's commercial sponsors pitch.....Gatorade.....Hummer3......MaxiPads with name it, I would normaqlly be out there supporting the network with amazing consumer powers..........but not tonight, nosiree..........if that game isn't on come kickoff time best call your broker on Black Tuesday to SELL, SELL, SELL........


I don't know if that is completely true. Once on Hockey Night In Canada, the scheduled game was Van. vs somebody. the Canucks were getting slaughtered. At the same time, the Flames had mounted a big comeback against the Coyotes but they weren't the game that was supposed to be televised. And I only remember this so vividly because I turned to my wife (at the time my girlfriend) and started whining that the CBC should cut to the Flames game so we could watch the comeback. Then they did. They clearly said the the Flames were making a huge comeback and the Canucks game was too far out of reach so they were cutting to Phoenix to see if the Flames could come back. So I'd like to hear an explanation from a TV rep on the exact ruling on these situations.

Ok well there not gonna cut out of the Jays game. But if u ask me Sportsnet should have the Jays games. And TSN should have the football. Like for christ sakes its Friday Night Football. I look forward to Friday nites. One because its the weekend lol but two for friday ntie football. I sit my little @$$ on my chair with a bag of chips or nachos (and in Decmeber a 6 case of beer) but for now some cans of pop. And watchthe games and only leave when i need to use the bathroom. I mean its Friday Nite TSN its Football time not Jays time. Also to add that im aJays fan and i liek to watch them (especially as of lately) but football will always beat out baseball.

Baseball should not be allowed on TV. That's all there is to say about that.

I'm going to the game anyways so it doesn't matter to me.

I don't mind baseball in late september and october, but not right now. who the hell gets excited about baseball in July?

Do they sell all these things at Canadian Tire or Wendys....if they don't broadcast all of the game .....I'm also going to boycott these products........I'm pretty sure they sell Wings at Wendy's ...don't they :roll:

Ya!! Get the lite days wings
They are low calorie

I can see where this is going, and I'm just gagging at the idea of what kind of "sauce" is on those "wings" :twisted:

Of course the CFL will get screwed again as usual . Let’s just hope for a route one way or the other and get those stupid Jays off the screen.

Hey it's 4-1 Texas ! Woohoo go Texas ! get it over!

What inning is that ball game at??