Blue Jays to Stay at Stadium Formerly Known as SkyDome?

Looks like the Jays may have opted to pour $250 million into their current home rather than building a new ballpark

[from the Toronto Star. Blue Jays planning to renovate Rogers Centre | The Star]
Blue Jays planning to renovate Rogers Centre | The Star)

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Big mistake in my opinion. $250 worth of lipstick :lipstick: ain’t helping that place much in becoming a true ballpark.

If this all privately funded which I figure it is, then it's probably the best thing economicly.

As long as the sightlines on the lower bowl are fixed for baseball then I'm good. They'll likely remove seats for social areas too

As much as the Skydome isn't a pure classic baseball stadium, in any respect, to modern standards of design as a pure baseball stadium, the thing works, the roof works and it opens to allow a fair amount of sky to be shown and the baseball crowd is ok with it, they have packed the place watching the Blue Jays over the years despite. Never a rainout especially for fans travelling from a distance they have no worries, the game will go on, and in a great location for public transit and plenty of parking nearby with little lots here and there. Extremely functional building not just for baseball but for concerts etc. I don't see a need at all for a new baseball stadium albeit I'm not a huge baseball fan and really my opinion shouldn't count for much. To me this seems like a wise move from Rogers despite the detractors which I'm sure there will be with this decision.

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The stadium is only about 32 years old. That's pretty young as stadiums go. Plus there's no way you can build a MLB grade stadium for $250 million.


The location itself is perfect for the Blue Jays type of crowd, a baseball crowd. Baseball stadiums should be close to downtown whereas football can be anywhere, last place for a baseball stadium is in the burbs whereas football, that can work perfectly like in NE or Buffalo for example. Baseball and the burbs just doesn't work.

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Strange that Skydome was built in response to the 1982 rain soaked Grey Cup (and no we are not moving the season up 2 months) and now the Argos are second fiddle to TFC.

Would have been the perfect venue for the Argos if it was built for football only.

Good luck to Rogers. Burn their own money :dollar:.


Its crazy to think that it is 32 years old
Man now I feel old...

I don't like the upper deck ; not sure they can do anything with that or would want to as the ticket price /return is much lower .

The steepness of the walk up is alarming for anyone with a phobia of heights ; if they pause to look back and down .

There is just something off with those seats that make you feel miles away from the action than other upper decks I have been in .
That is both for football and baseball at the dome .

That's actually pretty old as far as stadiums go. Fenway Park and Wrigley Field are charming old buildings that have been nicely repurposed, but most stadiums built these days are intended to last about three to four decades, then be replaced.

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Skydome became obsolete as soon as Camden Yards opened in Baltimore back in 1992.

Then having separate stadiums for baseball and football seemed like a good idea now.

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It would NEVER have been built just for the Argos ... maybe for a NFL team had a franchise been awarded, but it would have been built for NFL football and been unable to accommodate a CFL field (allowing for that is a significant downgrade in sightlines for NFL games).

As far as baseball tenants go this was true but most baseball teams went this route after Baltimore

Most football teams (even stateside) still prefer the SkyDome esque stadiums

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Retractable roofs. Yes absolutely.

But no to the Skydome design.

They don't build bowl type stadiums any more and the Skydome is essentially the old bowl design. As I say though, the place works and as long as Rogers continues to put some money in it, Jays fans will be fine with it. What they should be doing in Toronto, the movers and shakers with the money, is thinking long term about an NFL team with the NFL looking into more expansion and building an NFL stadium like what you see in Minnesota, love the look of that stadium, at Downsview Park. This would be really work I say and bring a Super Bowl to Toronto which is what I think the movers and shakers would love to see. As long as this helps football development in Canada.

You seem out of touch with Canadian society. In this nation we don't do stadiums the American way, and we use our stadiums much much longer than they do.

Even the old and decrepide like McMahon, why not.

No Grey Cups for them :rofl:

Well, they just hosted one there in 2019.

It might the last one for a while.

The commish may have mentioned that during Grey Cup week of that year.

I did enjoy the Grey Cup in Calgary when I was there in 2000.

But it does need to be spruced up but it's owned or run by the McMahon Stadium Society.

Not sure who is supposed to cover the cost but that's another ball of wax.

It definitely would kill off the CFL not sure how that helps develop anything but more Toronto centric media .

I guess if you live in the GTA great and can afford the tickets etc ....but F everyone else in the country .