Blue Jays swinging for the fences?

Also talk of them being in on Ohtani.

Soto would be a better all around player than Ohtani…However, hitting is not the issue with the Blue Jokes. Consistent pitching and TIMELY hitting were/are the issues.

Imagine Ohtani’s bat at Wrigley Field because the Cubs have been mentioned as serious players in the Ohtani sweepstakes…

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Really ? In the 147-year history of the MLB, there has never been a two-way player like Shohei Ohtani. Posting incredible seasons on both the plate and the mound, it is safe to say that Ohtani is certainly the greatest baseball player the world has ever seen.Jul 9, 2023

His pitching future has to be in doubt having his second TJ surgery.

I’m not even sure he’s pitching next year. Which actually helps the Jays chances as they have pitching.

The odds have come down big time. This could actually happen.

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Historically speaking, there’s this guy called “Babe Ruth” who did what Ohtani is doing. But, he did it longer and better. Look him up. You’ll be amazed!!!

Ohtani won’t be pitching at all next year due to his Tommy John surgery. Outside of last year at the plate, he’s a career .274 hitter. Lot’s of power, decent average. If he’s not pitching ( and he’d be a 5th day starter) Soto is a better play for Toronto based on age alone…

Everybody knows what Babe Ruth did in his era . Today , athletes are bigger, faster and better . Look them up .

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Yet they have Tommy John surgery because their bodies break down…


Your point being ?

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I’m not doing your work for you…Figure it out…

Blue Jays appear to be finalists with the Dodgers and are betting favourites in some spots for Ohtani.

Things that make you go Hmmm

The wildly expensive pursuit of Shohei Ohtani is corporately planned by Rogers to coincide with the end of its 12-year, money-hemorrhaging deal with the National Hockey League.

Rogers is seeking to turn itself from the hockey network — which has been an enormous drain on the company’s economics — into a Blue Jays first network that would include a team challenging for the World Series, centred around the brilliance of Ohtani, with Rogers Sportsnet, the network, reducing costs and increasing revenue all at the same time.

The $5.2 billion NHL deal, which will cost Rogers in the $500 million a year range for each of the next two hockey seasons — a deal that escalated hugely over its final years — will expire at the end of the 2026 hockey season.


So…Sportsnet is kinda/sorta turning itself into something like the YES network for the Yankees???

They somewhat already have.
But this move makes sense for Rogers, they’ll make their money back 10x over with Ohtani. If he doesn’t sign in TO it won’t be for money.

Looks like the Jays are swinging for the fences and about to connect on Ohtani

Edit: Apparently not

A case of wanting to get it first over wanting to get it right it seems.

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So much for that idea.

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Bit of an indictment on the NHL.

Insane money. Basically $1B Canadian.


This should teach people a lesson never to track planes lol

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:sunglasses: Looks good all these Toronto fans !!

So typical of them…all day yesterday imagining that he was coming to joke Toronto, only to be terribly disappointed today !!

Oh well, you can still cheer for a Toronto winning team…the Argos !!!

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I guess the Jay brain trust has to move to Plan Q . Congrats Dodgers.