Blue Jays playing this Friday

With the Jays now onto the next round (whew :thup: ) and playing this Friday, will it effect attendance at our home game? What are the chances that I can attend the game and not find out the score so I can watch it when I get home?
I'm thinking about 0%. Good chance the announcers will spoil it by telling us what's happening. How do we stop this from happening!!??
God knows the majority of sports fans will PVR it and don't want to know the score :x

If you are lucky nobody around you will mention the score with free wifi there will be some fans score watching on their phones

I'm not too worried about those around me but I can remember the stadium announcer in the past giving out score of other games in the past. Maybe I'll email my ticket rep to voice my concern. I can't be the only one who doesn't want to know. :roll:

I think you are in the minority if you PVR it and don’t look for the score. Tons of people will be watching the Jays on their phones, no doubt.

11 times out of 10 I will choose football over baseball. Even if I wasn't going to the game, I would be watching it on TV over the Jays.

I'll be at the game & four people around our seats will be announcing scores ,OK with me , tough on people PVRing Jays though.

I am the same but we are a minority. It's 9 out of 10 for me, I would never stay at home to watch the Jays if I was a season ticket holder. On Friday I will watch the game on ESPN3, and the Jays on TV, enough stoppages and time outs to bring one game up on the big screen while one is in break.

I dislike all Toronto teams, including their baseball team.

I might be in the minority, but there are many more like me across Canada who are nauseated by all the hype that accompanies anything with "Toronto" in front of it.

Go Indians Go! But, I'll be watching the Canadian Football League Friday, not the American League playoffs.

You are in the minority, just look at the TV ratings, over 2 million watching the Jays on Sportsnet alone, which has fewer subscribers than TSN/RDS. And another 50,000 fans that will jam into the RC and countless others watching in large groups at bars.
Shouldn't be any excuses for low CFL ratings, with technology (PVRs), laptops, and more than one TV in a home, you can watch both sports

Pretty narrow minded aren't you!!
Since you don't watch anything Toronto, you wouldn't have seen the thousands of Canadians across Canada in US ballparks cheering on the Jays. I'd say you are in the minority. The Jays as well as the Raptors are Canada's team and supported well across Canada.
This is not the Argos or the Leafs we're talking about. Get your head out of the sand! :rockin:

There is no reason to not cheer for the Cats as well as Jays and Raptors if you're a sports fan.

Are you a Trump believer as well?

Sorry ....low blow. :cry:

I live in Vancouver. There was a sports radio poll -- about half the people out here cheer for the Toronto baseball team. That's a lot. That's enough to put thousands in the stands in Seattle.

But -- it's only half. The rest of us are Canadians too.

Southern Ontario people need to "get their heads out of the sand". They are Toronto's team. Same with the Raptors.

And the Raptors SELL OUT preseason games in Vancouver and Calgary. They are Canada's basketball team. Get over yourself and your hate for all things Ontario. Life is too short.

I don't hate all things Ontario. (check a map for the location of the Hamilton Tiger Cats).

I am not saying I don't watch Toronto teams. I do. In fact, most of us have had little choice but to watch Toronto teams over the years due to the Toronto-centric media.

I understand that the Raptors just sold out an exhibition game here. Of course, the fact that it was Golden State had a little something to do with it.

I admit there are many Toronto fans around the country. The fact is, there are many like me who do not like any Toronto team. Many.

They are not Canada's teams. The national Baseball team is Canada's team, and the national basketball team is Canada's team.

The Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors are Toronto teams. (Note the name of the teams)

Tommy boy is right This belief by toronto fans that the whole country is behind them is crazy I'm a hamiltonian l would never root for a toronto team

I'm pretty sure that the in-stadium announcer, Mike Nabuurs, won't give Jays game updates. I may be wrong, but I've never heard them announce any other game score updates @ THF. I think you'll be fine in that respect.

As others have said, it'll most likely be people in and around the stadium getting updates on their phones.

This would also be a good time to remind everyone that baseball isn’t a real sport.

You guys sound like a bunch of curmudgeons. Let people cheer for who they want to cheer for.

Exactly. Everyone can cheer for whoever they want, whether it's Toronto or anyone else. Lots of people cheer for and against Toronto.
That's my point.
Really, we should be talking about the Canadian Football League on this site anyway, not the American League.

Im with this guy. Although my reasons arent because of the name but the ownership.

Even Torontonians dislike their teams except when theyre winning of course.

How about the Leafs? Torontonians seem to love them even though they are losers year after year.
They seem to love the Raptors and support them every year. Big crowds for TFC too.

They may "dislike" their teams but the important thing is they still come out and support them.......................unless it's the Argos