Blue Jays and MLB 2020

Would completely agree Jack if the reviews of how well the Jays did were coming from the Jays or a media source directly related to them. But those reviews were from nationally respected American baseball reporters.

Yes, time to pay up for sure. Didn't know that about the condo market.

Anyone want to go to Buffalo?

It's not going to work for baseball folks. 3 teams now have positive tests. Baseball's commissioner already is hedging for sake of cancellation of the season. I say it happens. The NFL ought take high note as its players continue to contract the virus in mere team workouts in early training camp:

The problem is the teams aren’t in a bubble protocol and the travel. MLS and the NBA are managing with bubbles in Florida. The NHL has 2 bubbles going in Toronto and Edmonton, cities with much lower transmission rates so hopefully they will have no issues. But during NHL team workouts/training before entering the bubble there were hockey players contracting COVID-19 because they weren’t in a bubble. MLB really should of looked more into coming up with some sort of bubble season because now after one week it’s not looking good for the rest of the season.

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People can't buy tickets to watch the Jays but they sure did buy lots of 50-50 tickets for the 'home opener'. Somebody is $1.19 million richer today.

How about those Blue Jays!
Back on August 16 not only did the Jays lose to drop their record to 7 - 11 - they also had to put their best player - Bichette on the injured list. Who would have ever imagined their next 24 games without Bichette they would go 17 - 7.

Now 3 games up on the Yankees and within 3.5 of first place Tampa Bay and currently in a playoff spot.


Thanks for posting Pat!
Great young team, I'm following them :canada:

Yup...they are fun to watch. Very versatile too.

Oh man they sure are fun to watch. . . you have any concerns about Vladdy Jr?

I worry a bit about that he hasn't gotten in better shape-still overweight.
Swings at everything...his .255 average would jump to .300 in a heartbeat if he would take some walks

And he lost his 3B job.

Sure hits the ball hard tho.

My concerns are with the injuries

Bichette,Teoscar, Tellez at first just went down with injury
(does that put Vlady on 1st again?)

If (and that is a BIG IF)The Jays end up in the World series would Trudeau open up Sky Dome or make them play in Buffalo?

No fans would be able to attend anyway so imagine they would stay in Buffalo.

I think you are personalizing this too much. It's not Trudeau's call.
Anyway I think they stay put in Buff.

There's been talk before on having a bubble for the playoffs. Say the 2 LA stadiums since they're close by the weather won't be an issue.

Weather would certainly not be an issue in the dome and Toronto did excellent with the NHL bubble

That won't happen I am afraid. California leads the nation in cases and that's quite the hotbed for the spread now.

It would have to be a less congested area with less density of population to make a bubble work, or perhaps they head to Florida or Arizona, though hot spots, to sequester though with major league facilities.

I agree Vladdy has been swinging at balls he shouldn't be swinging at. In the minors he took a ton of walks and was very patient at the plate. I always assumed that he would end up being a DH most of the time. Mind you he did get his first stolen base the other night. lol

As for the injuries this week bad news Rowdy goes on the IL but this weekend Bichette and Giles should be back.

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It appears the Blue Jays would have to finish in 1st place to host a playoff series.
It is still possible

While the league is still working out details with the MLBPA, the World Series will be played at the Texas Rangers new stadium, Globe Life Field, in Arlington.

The first round of the playoffs, which includes eight teams from each league, will take place at the top seed's home ballpark, Kepner adds. However, teams move to neutral sites beyond the first round.

Earlier reports indicated two separate playoff bubbles - like the NHL - housing the two leagues, with the National League playing across two ballparks in southern California and the American League playing in Texas. That would mean the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels, and San Diego Padres could be in the running to host Senior Circuit clubs, while the Junior Circuit would play at Globe Life Field and Minute Maid Park - the Houston Astros home field

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