Blue Jays and MLB 2020

Surprise - Rogers opened the vault a bit. $80 million on a 4 year contract for South Korean pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu of the Dodgers.

Last year he had an MLB best ERA of 2.32 and a 14-5 record. First time they've had a free agent signing like this in a few years. Heck his signing even has the Jays as in the #1 trending slot on Twitter right now.

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Jays legend with multiple stints Tony Fernandez passes away at age 57

Was showing signs of improvement after a bout of kidney disease, apparently had a stroke.

Part of the 1993 World Series team

RIP to one of the greats

Boy, that’s sad news.

TF had such a smooth playing style. I tried hard to emulate that when I was in little league. :cry:

My favorite BJ of all time. Played like he had no joints. So smooth is right CD.

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More sad news for old Jays fans. Damaso Garcia, passed away today. He's another guy I used to try to emulate in my little league days. :cry:

By the sounds of it the Jays picks in the MLB draft the last couple of days are getting excellent reviews. They had the fifth pick overall yet incredibly the pre-draft consensus # 2 pick Shortstop Austin Martin of Vanderbilt was still available. Many baseball writers calling it the 'steal of the draft'.

With their second pick again a player not expected to still be available. Right handed pitcher CJ Van Eyk of Florida State - some even referring to that pick as the 'Steal of the Draft'. Rounding out their five choices two more right handed pitchers - Trent Palmer of Jacksonville and Nick Frasso of Loyola Marymount with their final pick Outfielder Zach Britton from Louisville.

Most rated the Jays selections as been in the top three of all teams - with some like ESPN's Jessica Mendoza rating their choices as #1 of all teams.
ESPNs Mendoza Rates Jays Draft at #1

Even if just a couple pan out - great young prospects to join the young stars already on the roster in Guerrero Jr., Biggio, Bichette and Gurriel Jr.

Optimism building for Jays fans.

Great article here and I couldn't agree more.

Take it with a grain of salt. When ANY team drafts a player, they ALWAYS say they were surprised he was still available when it was their turn to pick. EVERY time.

Totally agree. The greed on both sides especially at this time with so many in such dire straits is shameful.

Along the same lines two Toronto landlords who have signed leases for six months for furnished condos from one Blue Jays coach and one player are being stiffed with both not paying rent due the last couple of months.

So combined the landlords are out $7000 a month. Plus one of the two Jays is apparently even suing to get the first and last months rent he paid back!

One of the units is now up for sale but the condo market is flooded these days and having a lease that is still technically in place through September adds a complication to trying to sell it.

Time for the player and coach or the Jays to pay up.

Would completely agree Jack if the reviews of how well the Jays did were coming from the Jays or a media source directly related to them. But those reviews were from nationally respected American baseball reporters.

Yes, time to pay up for sure. Didn't know that about the condo market.

Anyone want to go to Buffalo?

It's not going to work for baseball folks. 3 teams now have positive tests. Baseball's commissioner already is hedging for sake of cancellation of the season. I say it happens. The NFL ought take high note as its players continue to contract the virus in mere team workouts in early training camp:

The problem is the teams aren’t in a bubble protocol and the travel. MLS and the NBA are managing with bubbles in Florida. The NHL has 2 bubbles going in Toronto and Edmonton, cities with much lower transmission rates so hopefully they will have no issues. But during NHL team workouts/training before entering the bubble there were hockey players contracting COVID-19 because they weren’t in a bubble. MLB really should of looked more into coming up with some sort of bubble season because now after one week it’s not looking good for the rest of the season.

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People can't buy tickets to watch the Jays but they sure did buy lots of 50-50 tickets for the 'home opener'. Somebody is $1.19 million richer today.

How about those Blue Jays!
Back on August 16 not only did the Jays lose to drop their record to 7 - 11 - they also had to put their best player - Bichette on the injured list. Who would have ever imagined their next 24 games without Bichette they would go 17 - 7.

Now 3 games up on the Yankees and within 3.5 of first place Tampa Bay and currently in a playoff spot.


Thanks for posting Pat!
Great young team, I'm following them :canada:

Yup...they are fun to watch. Very versatile too.