Blue Jays and MLB 2017

Spring is upon us (sort of) so soon we will be getting six months of almost daily Jays games. (Yay!)

A good day yesterday for the Jays and their fans. Josh Donaldson finally getting into some spring training game action and with Marcus Stroman's awesome 6 no-hit inning performance in the World Baseball Championship game last night earning him thee MVP of the championship game.

As much as I am looking forward to the baseball season - it is nice that both the Leafs and Raps still have the Jays as a bit of an after thought for me heading into late March with this being the first time in a very long time that BOTH the Leafs and Raps are currently in playoff positions this late in their respective seasons.

Makes for great sports TV watching for me almost every night. :slight_smile:

I'm thinking the rotation should be Happ, Estrada, Liriano, Sanchez and Stroman.

Gives a left, right, left, right, right look. It also gives the young guys more favorible match ups more often ( matching against other club's weaker pitchers, so they should get run support ), so they don't feel the pressure to over throw and blow out their arms.

The reality is, with 5 aces, you could line them up in any order and still be right.

Rumour is, Estrada will be the opening day starter, so there goes my preferred rotation. :lol:

According to Steve Phillips of TSN, the rotation will be right, left, right, left, right and go: Estrada, Happ, Stroman, Liriano, Sanchez.

Sounds good to me.

I like that rotation. Hopefully they stay healthy

Nothing wrong with rotation - so long as at least 3 of them win 20+ games - or 4 of them have PLUS .500 records!

Biggest concern is Bautista's continued deterioration; his OBP high only cuz he's able to beg so many walks - his power #'s all down-trending; injuries will limit him to no more than 110 games.

Morales will be Jays most productive hitter but won't be able to match Edwing's HR numbers.

Donaldson hopefully plays minimum 135 games, same with Tulo. Really need D. Travis to rack up at least 130 games and be healthy down the stretch.

All bets are off if the closer goes down. :cowboy:

My biggest concern is the bullpen looks worse on paper than last year, and last year it was really bad.

My next concern is we still have Justin smoak as our first basemen, and he stinks.

Jays don't mind Jose Whifftista batting .226 so why should they be concerned with Smoak pelting out a .235 average?

Smoak is an average to slightly less than average fielding 1st baseman. . . . but he's probably the worst-hitting (OBP & BA, RBIs, too) first baseman in either league. He really only threatens power and hits the odd smoker out of the park - but he's generally a guy who's gonna whiff, ground into a double play or pop out to his favourite place - the warning track!

Now that the season is approaching, its time to get the first "the Jays suck" and "screw Rogers" posts going...

Okay then ......... JAYS SUCKS!!! SCREW ROGERS!!!! :rockin: :rockin:

It is going to be a very tough spring for the anti-Rogers crowd..

Rogers will have Jays = decent ratings - although not as good for April this year because of 5 Canadian teams in the NHL playoff hunt this season.

Rogers will also have those NHL playoffs which unlike last season - which had no Canadian teams - this season will feature at least 4 Canadian teams in the first round - the Habs, Sens, Flames and Oilers - and possibly the biggy from a TV ratings perspective - the Leafs.

Plus they'll get half the Raptors play-off games too.

Just think - between Rogers broadcasts on Sportsnet, Spotsnet One and CBC there will be some nights with 2 NHL playoff games featuing Canadian teams, a Raptors playoff game and a Jays game all on the same night - while TSN will likely be stuck showing non-Jays MLB games or darts and poker. Ouch!.

That fake news has already been shot down. Article on

Just like Super Bowl week always brings out an "NFL to Toronto" story to bring added eyeballs to the game, every Blue Jays season starts with the same story about baseball's return to Montreal to sell tickets and increase viewership for the 2 Montreal games.

Found the article. Wise choice of words by Garber

[url=] ... 14051.html[/url]

Easy to deny baseball's return to Montreal is imminent because the report today didn't say it in the first place.

The main point of the report is ownership has met MLB's criteria which Garber actually confirmed that's in place.

Regarding the stadium sites and government support (which doesn't always mean direct funding) he says it's 'inaccurate' meaning it's not 100% false.

Overall the overship pillar is in place which wasn't the case at this time last year but agreed the timing is to push tickets for this weekend, especially the Friday game which has lots of ticket aavailable.

Ouch! :lol:

Ah yes, it must be Spring...the familiar sounds are in the air.... :lol:

Opening day tomorrow for the Jays.

Opening day and not much to report:

  1. B.J. Upton cut or released - cuz who has room for a .222 pain in the butt, less than average fielding corner who whiffs too much.

  2. Nothing spectacular about Tulowitzki - made it thru camp unscathed - most complete SS in baseball - not a batting monster but extends opposing pitchers to the max - either before succumbing or getting on base. Not the best fielding SS in the game but super-solid most days - and doesn't take many days off.

  3. And o yeah, a few worlds came crashing down - news that Super Smoker, Roberto Osuna placed on DL. Its only 3 days, right? Right? Steve Phillips will initially say its nothing to worry about as these injuries come and go - in two weeks he'll amp up his concern to moderate. By month's end - with a few Grilli blow-sves behind them he'll be in full red-light district panic mode.

Jays lost AGAIN. That's a shame!