Blue Jays and MLB 2016

After one of the most exciting baseball season for Jays fans in 20+ years last season - (and with an entire winter of largely losing hockey in this country) - I for one can't wait for the start of the new baseball season 10 days from now.

Jays open in Tampa on April 3 before coming home to play the Red Sox (and David Price) April 8-10. So far Jays are looking pretty good down in Florida with a 15 - 4 record. Hopefully that carries over into when the games really count.

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I've got my tickets! :rockin:

Spring training in Florida is so much fun... for more than just baseball.

Yes this is real last weeks game had a small rain delay

Wow, quite the scene dawg.

Go Tigers Go! Blue Jays suuuuuck and I wouldn't go and watch them in Toronto if someone paid for me to go!! :smiley:

Best logo in MLB by far!

Red Sox - Best colors in the MLB by a tiny bit. :slight_smile:

They can join the Blue Jays :slight_smile:

I fully expect this Jays team to be playing in the world series, barring some major injuries.

I'll be attending 6 games this season so far :
April 12 vs Yankees
May 2nd vs Rangers
June 8th @ Detroit
July 5th vs Royals
August 20 @ Cleveland
Sept 26 vs Yankees

Just need the Argos flex pack to go on sale so I can round out my summer. Hopefully I can catch the Argos in Ottawa this July, too. I have Tiger-Cats tickets to use also.

Nice selection of games there Drummer!

My first game - next Saturday April 9 versus the Red Sox. Can't wait!

I sure hope they have an awful season.

Should be an exciting series. Have fun.

Let the real games begin!

Over 106,000 fans took in the two games in Montreal this weekend - with behind the scenes efforts continuing to hopefully eventually get baseball back to Montreal.

Toronto Mayor John Tory was in Montreal this weekend and he and Montreal mayor Denis Corderre signed a new city partnership agreement that will see Montreal and Toronto work together. The agreement, which Coderre's office describes as "historic," will focus on five specific areas: governance, economic vitality, the environment, living together and social development. A small part of that agreement included baseball.

Coderre said the section will focus on creating another "friendly sports rivalry" between the two cities.

"Maybe one day we can talk about basketball," Coderre quipped.

Montreal released a 'Baseball Action Plan' leading up to this very successful baseball weekend. All the details on that can be found here. [url=] ... -1.3517104[/url]

As for the Jays - even though they are calling for up to 15cm of snow tomorrow here in Hamilton on top of the odd squall we've already gotten today - real baseball games - to me means - spring is finally here!

Let's Go Blue Jays!

The only way I want to see MLB return to Montreal, is if the Rays relocate there and are renamed Expos.

I don't want to watch them struggle as an Expansion team for 10 years, and I want them in the AL East , not the National League.

And, it would also get Tampa out of the league. They don't belong with Toronto, Boston, New York and Baltimore. I like watching the Jays play anyone, but Tampa doesn't interest me at all. Montreal makes better geographical rivals with all the teams in the AL East.

Speaking of the Tampa Bay, I didn't realize just how important monies from local television are for MLB teams:

In franchise value, Rays rank last

Judging how the values of some other franchises have jumped, the next TV contract might be of more immediate concern than the next stadium land deal. As Forbes wrote in 2012: “Forget Billy Beane’s penny-pinching Moneyball strategies (last decade’s ticket to profitability) or shiny new stadiums full of luxury boxes (the essential way to unlock value during the 1990s). [b]Local television has become a financial game-changer that dwarfs all others[/b].? -
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Completely agree with that drummer!

Tv money is the difference between the haves and have-nots in baseball. This is why I've been hugely frustrated as a Jay's fan ( with the exception of last season ) :

Rogers does not give the Jays fair value for television rights when determining their player payroll. If the jays weren't owned by Rogers, they'd be getting huge TV money on the open market ( possibly splitting games over multiple channels ), thus increasing their player payroll to one of the tops in the league. Instead, Rogers saddles them with a tight budget, which is why the jays, typically, are unable to compete with Boston and New York.

It's not that Rogers doesn't have the money to compete with those teams, but Rogers chooses not to.
Rogers could easily afford to re-sign both Bautista & Encarnacion, but they won't ( which might not be a bad decision, anyway because they both want longer term contracts ) and cite monetary reasons for this dilemma . They could have afforded to keep David Price' too.

If rogers doesnt substantially increase the Jays' payroll budget after this season, I expect the Jays bandwagon to empty pretty quickly.

Most - if not all - baseball teams are owned by an individual who loves the game and wants their team to win a championship. Rogers owns the Jays for cheap content for their tv and radio stations and because they bought the sky dome for a song. Rogers doesn't care if the Jays ever win a championship.

Interesting take dg, my brother in law, a huge Jays fan, made mention to me that is what he thinks as well. Personally though I do give kudos to Rogers for showing some restraint with the monies for the team, but yes, they could afford to spend more no question even without the television money teams like the Red Sox and Yankees receive.

If Montreal does ever get an MLB team again, and I hope they do get one if the willpower and money is available, there are going to have to be some very deep pockets to make that team work and sell it to the public long term that they have the money to compete with teams that will have more money.

I agree drummer that Rogers could/should spend more.

My hope - that the TV ratings and the extra hundreds of thousands tickets sold last year in a winning season opened their eyes to the fact that if they spend the extra millions it could generate several more million in return.

All the extra revenue generated from hundreds of thousands more tickets being sold - without having to discount them, the extra revenue from concessions, sales of team jerseys and hats plus the tens of millions in extra ad revenue from WAY HIGHER ratings for Sportsnet and listeners for their radio network.

Spending the money - making them competitive - means more money for Rogers in the end I believe. I just hope Rogers thinks the same way now after what happened last season.

And with Bautista and Encarnacion - with how injury prone they both have been the last couple of seasons - I wouldn't be emptying the bank on multi-year contracts for them until seeing how healthy they stay this season.

Your hope is my hope too, but if the fans come out and Rogers makes money and STILL doesn't spend appropriately next year, the fans will leave.

19 of 31 baseball 'experts' polled by ESPN pick the Jays to repeat as AL East champions and 3 of them pick the Jays to be a Wildcard. So 22 of 31 predict a return to the playoffs for the Jays.

8 of the 31 predict the Jays will be the American League rep in the World Series - and 4 of those predict the Jays will win the World Series.

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161 to go!