Blue Jays 2019

Rogers must know they’ve got their work cut out for them for selling tickets this season. They are offering some pretty sweet early booking deals.

1 - All home games in March and April except home opener (14 games) $79 for 500 level tickets to all 14 games.

2 - All weeknight home games in March and April (8 games) $39.00 for 500 level seats to those 8 games

3 - Family Pack - $125 for four 200 level outfield seats including either a pizza slice or 3 piece chicken tenders food item for each person + 4 soft drinks or bottled waters on weekend Junior Jays promotional dates.

4 Friday night ‘Freedom’ package - Discounted outfield 200 level seats that would include one drink. Drink can be 14 oz Budweiser or Bud Light, 6 oz glass of Barefoot wine, 14 oz Bacardi mixed drink (rum, rye, gin or vodka), 24 oz soft drink or 591 ml bottle of Dasani water

Jays marketing doing a good job in attempting to reach and grab new markets - and keep ticket sales at a reasonable level.

Prospects for 2019 fairly dim:

  1. New bench boss (probably can’t be any worse than Gibby but Gibby was a really good PR person, most of the time)

  2. Putrid starting pitching - won’t even be at the level of last year’s putridity

  3. No established superstars - Osuna traded from one battery to another, Martin on last legs, Donaldson gonzo alonzo; Vlad G. might be very good (chance for .290 to .320 avg. vs. major league pitching plus some nice power numbers)

  4. Average fielding (at best) - Pillar will make some brilliant catches in centre - but others will fail on a regular basis

  5. Keeping both Porky & Smoak - don’t like that one bit; Smoak is declining as expected, Morales heats up once team is out of contention (should be about August this year)

  6. Bad relief pitching - hobo relievers are a dime a dozen and Jays will have dozens in camp

So the MLB experience is what Rogers is selling. Jays are pretty much self-written out of the playoff picture from the get-go.

No other explanations possible.

Bye Bye Tulo - you solidified the middle of the defence but at the plate you never really lived up to the hype of your Rockies’ batting exploits.

Jays release Tulowitzki.

A hefty buyout not to play.

Big Baseball Buyouts (paid not to play)
  1. Josh Hamilton, Angels, $68M

  2. Pablo Sandoval, Red Sox, $48.6M

  3. Troy Tulowitzki, Blue Jays, $38M

  4. Prince Fielder, Tigers, $30M

  5. Bobby Bonilla, Mets, $29.8M*

Tulo buyout looks good on Rogers. :slight_smile:

I hope this doesn’t bring out the children who will inevitably make fun of the Jays or TT.

It wasn’t Troys fault for accepting the contract that was offered him in Arizona.

He was a GREAT player. He was injury free. He was a great teammate. He made a huge contribution to the Jays in 2015 and part of 16. Then the injury roof caved in. Life in the world of high finance baseball and guaranteed contracts. Nobody seems to feel sorry or gloat over the old timers who died broke and underpaid. Or worse, in the football world, broke and brain damaged without guaranteed contracts.

It’s just too bad for all concerned. And yes he will be rich and a bargain no doubt for some west coast team. But it’s not the way he wanted this to play out.

I won`t make fun of T.T. I hope he enjoys every penny of Rogers money.

As for the Jays… I hope writing the cheque hurts like hell. Looks good on them. ;D

Travel…will you be a fairly regular attendee of Jays games in 19? I expect to be in Ontario a lot in May and really looking forward to going to some games while there.
That division is so tough, but it does allow us to see some great visiting teams. I see the Jays winning between 75-80 games but playing some exciting ball as they rebuild around Vlad etc.
It’s always enjoyable for BB fans to look forward to Spring.

The Blue Jays have no chance. They are unlucky enough to play in the same division as the Yankees and Red Sox. They just can’t compete with those teams. Most teams can’t.

It has been mentioned that if the Expos come back to MLB, they would play in the same division. They would fold within 10 years. That division is a graveyard for every team that is not the Yankees or Red Sox.

Far more truth than fiction, as per usual Johnny Ti ---- I suspect J’s will be lucky to amass 72-77 wins this season.

Enough to keep the lemming funnel running as most folks go to the games for the experience and to see NYY or BRS games!

Even with Tulowhiffski & Whifftista off the roster the team is beset by mediocrity, lack of focus and far too many AAA & fringe testers!

Good non-threatening environs for Vladdy, Jr. & the other kid to learn the ropes though.

So what your saying is there is no one I should be keeping an eye out for in Dunedin this year?

I’m sure you could find Tulo if you looked hard enough…

Hey everyman. When I lived in downtown Toronto for about 25 years I would go to about 15 - 20 Jays games a year. Since I’ve moved back to Hamilton I average closer to one a month.

rcon told me the Jays aren’t going to be very good for the next 25 years so I am not going to anymore games

Good man! I agree and will not be going as well.

When did I do that? Oh well, at least I will be saving you from wasting your money!!! :wink:

But the Jays are aiming to contend! … in 2021.