Blue get top grades on Gades raid

'Extraordinary day for Bombers,'says former Ottawa GM Tillman Sat Apr 15 2006

By Ed Tait - Winnipeg Free Press

MAYBE you are one of the vocal minority who still feel the Winnipeg Blue Bombers dropped the ball in the talent-feeding frenzy that was the Ottawa Renegades dispersal draft.
Maybe you figure a ball-hawking defensive back like Korey Banks would have been a better fit for the Bombers. Or you curse the team's decision to pass on game-breaking receiver/returner Jason Armstead.

Well, we have it on good authority -- from the man who helped put the Renegades together and likely would have returned as GM had the franchise been saved, no less -- that the Bombers get an 'A+' for their draft-day work.

Winnipeg added two starting offensive linemen in Obby Khan and Val St. Germain, a QB prospect in Brad Banks, two Canadian defensive linemen in Hakeem Kashama and Cameron Legault, a versatile linebacker/defensive back in Robert Grant and two big running backs in Lenard Semajuste and Henri Childs.

"It was an extraordinary day for the Blue Bombers," said former Renegade GM Eric Tillman, now an analyst for Sportsnet. "Every team can feel like they improved coming out of the draft, but I'm not sure any team can feel as good as Winnipeg.

"In my mind they got two starting offensive lineman, a potential franchise quarterback, a blue-collar defensive lineman (Legault) who plays hard every snap and is a great guy in the locker-room, a young guy in Kashama that has an interesting upside, a quality big back that catches the ball well in Childs and Grant who -- if he hadn't gotten hurt last year -- would have gone much higher and is a good fit for (defensive co-ordinator) Greg (Marshall's) defence.

"Other than winning your lottery, how was your day?"
Tillman spoke to six CFL teams prior to the draft, including the Bombers, who wanted to pick his brain on the Renegades talent. He believes Winnipeg's moves in the first round -- to select Khan second overall and then trade their Canadian second-round draft pick for Val St. Germain -- was nothing short of brilliant.

"Obby Khan is a terrific young player and that was evidenced by the fact that half the teams in the league told me they would have taken him first overall," said Tillman. "Obby has as much potential as any young lineman in the league. Val is a veteran guy... not only did Winnipeg help themselves up front, they gave themselves ratio flexibility. It amazes me that even the people who follow the league don't understand that this is how you put a team together."

That said, Tillman is certain the steal of the draft was the Bombers grabbing Banks -- the former Iowa star and Heisman Trophy runner-up -- with the 13th pick overall.

"I have eminent respect for Kerry Joseph as a person, as a player and a leader. But I think Brad has a chance to be very special," said Tillman. "He's a different player than Kerry... Kerry is more of a physical runner where Brad is more of a Damon Allen-type runner. He makes people break their ankles in the open field with ease. He just has that special gift of elusiveness where he makes people tackle air. Brad is also a very accurate deep thrower.

"I told Brendan that if they were not going to take Obby Khan then they should look very seriously at taking Brad with the No. 2 pick overall. So for them to get him in the second round... they may have hit the jackpot. A lot of teams may look back on this day and ask, 'Why did we pass on Brad Banks?' "


For the Bombers fans or anyone else that thinks the Bombers failed in the dispersal draft. Made me feel a little better...

but do we have a punter?

the article is about the dispersal draft not what we do/dont have

I said all along the Bombers did great in this draft and strongly believe their picks will help their defence out a lot, since they can play non-imports on the offensive line which will allow them to play more imports in the secondary.

yep thats exactly what were doing roughyfan.

I just gots to know....which imports are you guys talking about...
I know our imports, yes with the new coaching they will be better...
We will have one more import in our defensive backfield , because of our first pick ...
The question is, do we have one imported db, better than Banks...enough said..

Banks cost $190,000. If his salary would have been 2/3 of that I'm sure the Bombers would have picked him. Instead they took a couple of ratio changing offensive lineman.

The key word in Tillman's comments is potential.

...Bombers won... hands down... in the dispersal....when the coaching staff puts this all together....with the talent that was already there....I can see us definitely winning a few more games than last year....and we won't be 0-8 ..out of the a few have :lol:

But you guys do have some very tough games out of the gate and if you guys can keep your record around 500 in those games you'll be doing well imo.

Ive figured out a few abbrevations in the short time ive been here, but what the hell does IMO stand for???

in my opinion

ok thanks

I agree with Eric the Red's article, the BB's improved where they needed it. Brad Banks could be their starting QB before the year's out IMO. They also needed some Canadian talent as their GM has been trading away their top picks for several years so he is able to dodge a bullet by having these expierenced players come available. Sask and Ham improved as well so this should narrow the gap from top to bottom and make for an exciting year.

sambo all i no is that you will never be a sports analyist, thats for damn sure. Ive seen 5 year old predict better than you.

and your predictions are more accurate?? predicitons are GUESSES, so any that you may have made are just that- guesses

yeah and you said one does that bad.

Hamilton did a few years back.

You must not have read all of that post, I SAID they have the potential to do that given their schedule… doesnt mean that they will , but the potential is there…

doesn't anybody understand what the bombers went through in 05 season when daley was coach? we lost a lot of our games and pretty much kicked rust out which made our Defence crappy. Daley killed our team.Now we got a whole new coaching staff and new players and we will be a different team this year.