Blue eye Grey Cup sellout

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Organizers of the 2006 Grey Cup will be on pins and needles this morning when tickets go on sale to the general public, but they're still feeling pretty optimistic about their chances for a sellout.

The local Grey Cup committee is hoping this November's CFL championship match in Winnipeg won't plummet to the futility of the 1998 game, when only 34,217 spectators showed up at Winnipeg Stadium to watch Calgary beat Hamilton.

Grey Cup co-chairman Gene Dunn said the fact that the league and its championship week have become more popular in the last five or six years almost guarantees that Winnipeg will attract a full house.


"It's growing, and this will be different than '98, particularly if we can come out of the box and win a few games," Dunn said.

The revamping of the Blue Bomber squad aside, the team's season-ticket holders had first dibs to snap up tickets, and now the rest of the country will have its turn.

"Our fans have been great so far, but we need to sell beyond our fan base, and I'm anxious to see how that's going to go," Dunn said.

"We've had a tremendous amount of interest outside the city, and of course from the other teams. So we are anticipating that this game will get sold out fairly early."

The committee is erecting 15,000 temporary seats, which will push the capacity for the Nov. 19 game to approximately 45,000. Dunn said it will cost between $70 and $80 to install each one of those 15,000 extra seats.

"That's one of the expenses that our club has that Edmonton and Vancouver don't have," he said. "That's put us at a little bit of a disadvantage, but hopefully we'll be able to sell enough to make up for it."

Besides the big game, Grey Cup week will also include the CFL Player Awards, the Grey Cup Parade, four nights of entertainment at the Convention Centre, a "major concert" at MTS Centre and the CFL Fan Experience.

Ticket prices for the game range from $93.85 in the north end zone to $335.85 in the Alumni Lounge. They are available at all local Ticketmaster outlets or online at, beginning at 10 a.m.

WRIGHT ON: Dunn threw his team's support yesterday behind CFL commissioner Tom Wright, who's getting heat for being on vacation during the financial fiasco that is unfolding in Ottawa regarding the Renegades.

"Tom is completely tuned in and up to speed on what's going on," said Dunn, a Winnipeg Football Club board member.


Dunn hopes the situation is resolved without the Bombers and other CFL teams having to bail out the Renegades financially, and he believes that can be achieved.

"We don't want to lose any more hard-earned money," Dunn said. "This year's the opportunity to put some money in the bank and establish the foundation for our future. And to see some of that potentially go away would be disheartening for us.

"... Bernie Glieberman is a very bright and successful individual, and he's a man of great integrity."

Just got home from work and phoned for some Grey Cup tickets..
The best seat left right now at ticket master is 250 bones, 10 yard line 20 seats up..
Couldn't order them because my freekin wallet is in the car..
Which the wife has... at the hair dresser place...freekin hair dressers...
Now I'm going to lose my seats...
Anyway seems like opening day is doing well in ticket sales..

.......hank, no problem, here is Third_and_Ten's VISA card 4508 2417 3406 2873 exp. 07/14.......I borrowed it off him the last time he fell asleep on the mod jet.......

Got my ticket! I'll be in the right in the middle of the upper level of the east side of the stadium.

man i hope tickets don't sell out too fast, i'm still trying to talk my friends into going

...Bernie Glieberman is a very bright and successful individual. and he's a man of great integrity.....hmmmmm what a line ..I know he's made lots of money....and he should get an A for that.....but as far as owning and running a football team he gets F-- :roll:

Just finished purchasing my two seats, the wife finally came home from the hairdresser..
Section S row 17 ..finally secured my tickets, where to stay is the next problem...
Section S is where I sat the last time I watched A Grey cup in the Peg..
Almost hit the Rocket Ismael with a beer can, when he was running for a
Just joking...I would never throw good beer away...but I do remember the play...
Go Bombers..the game will be much better if you are in it..

i got mine im in section P seat 14

I don't think I'll be aboul to go, but I'm working on it.

GC in the Peg how long is it gonna be till the next time that happens KK another 10 years or more? you gotta go this year!!

Hey Hank, just a suggestion here: maybe you should get a new wife. I mean, that's waaaay out-of-line when she starts losing you seats at the Grey Cup

You wanna hear a story about lost tickets! here's a painful memory...

First year at UofT i make nice with a fine looking female in my philosophy class. I mention to her I'm originally from Edmonton. After a few weeks she mentions to me that her family have season tix to the Maple Leafs and she'd like to take me to the Game coming up to where the Oilers are in town. Im obviously stoked and accept. Day of the game she doesn't show up. the game starts. Im watching the game on the TV while I cant get a hold of her. Finally in the second period she calls me and says she lost her wallet with the tickets in them and had just found it at some restaurant. We arrive and get in our seats with exactly 5 minutes left in the 3rd period. ouch.

Oh, for those of you who may not know...Decent Leaf Tix are particularily hard to aquire and expensive as all missing the game was especially heartbreaking.

[quote="Esquimaux"]You wanna hear a story about lost tickets! here's a painful memory...

Ho boy, hope you got a new girlfriend Esquimaux, that's even worse than Hank's wife and her "freekin" hairdresser. Say, wonder what that hairdresser looks like ...

Sad story for sure Esquimax, heard seats at the leaf games were costly...
What else is costly is the Grey Cup, five hundred dollars for two tickets..
Two hundred n fifty per night, at the Sheriton hotel next to the Airport..
Funny thing.. I stayed there last month and it was only hundred dollars night..
Oh well you only live once...Great seats nice hotel...gonna have a good time...

She's purdy...gangtackle...and single, she also likes CFL football..

GT: yep I only knew that girl for one semester when I first moved here, I upgraded long ago to my present unit.

Hank, you don't live in the peg? Funny how those hotels always seem to raise their rates for the big game!

Stop it Hank, it's not fair to pick on a man with a rare heart condition.

Too funny...she does sound like a perfect

You cant raise the price of ice during a power failure but when it comes to hotel rooms the sky is the limit

Geez Red, that number really worked! I thought you were kidding!