Blue End Zone Turf in the Peg

Personally I despise blue pool table cloths but, I love the look of the blue end zones in Winterpeg.

Do you?

I voted "YES"... and I bet Saskatchewan copies the Bombers and makes the new end zones at Taylor Field green!

You just watch!

I see that end zone and think of the "Smurf Turf" that Boise State plays on as their home field...whole things is blue...except end zones which are blue and orange. What's wrong with Green all over?

I like the blue end zones. It’s only a small part of the field so who cares. I have a tough time watching Boise games though because the whole field is blue, but I like Winnipeg’s end zones.

As well as pizzazing up the field, when viewed on TV the contrasting colour defining the end zone area would give the viewers mind with a more immediate understanding when play is near or in the endzone.

eg. Sometimes, because of the camera angle, coupled with a lack of immediate information from the commentator during a passing play, particularly a long pass, it is difficult to readily get a read of where the ball has been caught and where the play is taking place. You have to take your eyes off the players and try to catch a glimpse of the yard marker. With the endzone a contrasting colour, if it is within the camera's viewing range when the play is made your brain will assess that location with less distraction. Hence, more pleasurable viewing.

I wonder if the NBA paints the 'key' area so players and referees can more easily identify the position of play.

I like it too, it sort of shortens up the field also appearance wise, makes it tighter which I like. 15 yard end zones I’d like but that is a whole different topic.

Maybe we should go for a "Black" end zone at Ivor Wynne.