According to reputable sources, the Blue are close to signing a familier face to return kicks/punts, rumours are swirling as a couple of new player's have been seen at the Stadium Today, expect announcement within the week unless they wait until after Labour Day. Rumour is the BB'S are close to aquiring a Winnipeg boy Andrew Harris from the Lions PR for an undisclosed player, he has speed to burn and is only 22 years old and returned kicks with his college team!!

Also reputable sources have said that the Bombers are planning to use Darryl Stephenson more as a FB this weekend as well as Oosterhouse (however you spell it) for more blocking when there is one back .... hmmm new play?

....guess i have to retract my post on the Armstead thread.....Harris eh.....I'll wait to see how this guy looks before commenting :roll:

Well someone in the BB brass liked this kid during TC and Pre-Season and tried to get him, now apparently Wally needs something we have!! Personally this excites me and hope we can get him, remember when Howell returned kicks (another Wpg Boy), he did pretty darn good and Harris is aparently way better, we'll see!!

Question then becomes what does Wally want?

Only Wally and Kelly know that answer, if it's too much Kelly will not do it considering Harris is on the PR in BC and is unproven.

....there in lies the MILLION DOLLAR question....Wally does not part with talent easy....He sure needs help up front on his d....but he can forget gazing our way for any of our i'm stumped.. :roll:

Under normal circumstances I'd expect you could probably get the kid for a draft pick and/or future considerations. Mind you it seems to me that the Bombers' are short of draft picks as it is.

But trading with Wally cannot by any stretch of the imagination be called "normal circumstances."