Blue (Brandon Labatt)! not playing during 2021 season

I just read Brandon Labatt is not playing this season, he's not retiring, and they only gave personal reasons for his leaving. This will be a big lose up front. But can't wait for season to start, GO RIDERS!!

He might as well retire. He'll be 36 by September of next year

That oline has taken some hits. What was a strength and had great depth in 2019 is a question mark coming in to this season

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Farhan Lalji



Brendan Labatte says he wants to go camping with his kids and enjoy the best 2 months the province has to offer. Says going into quarantine while the rest of Sask is open is not what he wants to do, “The ask has never been bigger and the reward has never been less”


Didn't he just sign a contract extension six months ago? He signs a contract extension in the middle of the pandemic then refuses to honour that same contract in the middle of the pandemic?

Don’t blame him one bit. They do this for a living, taking a pay cut is going backwards, number 1 rule, always move forward. I applaud him for sticking to his guns.

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I do not blame him at all. The CFL covid rules and protocols are essentially putting the players under house arrest while the rest of us get to go back to normal. To be honest, I am surprised that a great deal more are not "retiring" or taking one season off.

I don’t blame him at all, the Riders will be fine they have to get younger at that position anyway. JOD has done a good job building the oline for Labattes departure

Everyone can be replaced

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Who knows, maybe Labatt will come Back next year and sign with Winnipeg

Not much happening on the site, Where is all the rider talk. Too much covid ?

Yeah well maybe the riders should trade him for an o lineman who can help the team right now, I wouldn’t see a problem with that scenario. If they hold his rights still. I’m not sure what the situation is with the covid thing. But yeah I think that would be something to look at, with teams that have something to exchange.

If Labatt returns to play in the CFL, I am absolutely certain that it will not be with the Bombers.

I hope Brandon is back in the CFL .

Let's Go Brandon.