Blue Bombers???

:oops: hate to air my ignorance, but this has been bugging me of late.

For many years, I always assumed that the "Blue Bombers" got their name from an RAF base that was probably (assumption on my part) based in the area during WWII. Since their uniforms were/are blue, and they did train a lot of these chaps in Canada, that would make sence... This was always the assumption scenerio in my head.

Just last week I was doing some searching on the web for history of the league, and found that the Winnipeg team was going by the Blue Bomber name back BEFORE WWII. So much for my assumed theory.

Where did the name come from, and what is the history?


In 1930, the current Winnipeg Blue Bombers club fromed but were called the Winnipeg Pegs (yes, it's very funny name). One Day in 1935, the Pegs were playing an EX game vs. the U of North Dakota. Back then, Joe "The Brown Bomber" Brown was still boxing and very famous, so when the commetator of the game anowcered the team in the game (the Pegs were very good, they just won the 1935 GC, frist GC for the West!), he called them the "Blue Bombers" of football. The name cot on with the Winnipeg fans and the club so chage their name thereafter AND THE REST IS HISTORY.

So the "Blue Bombers" nickname has absoluty nothing to do with WW2 (thank god), but with the famous boxer Joe Brown, just like the Cleveland Browns later on.

thanks KK,

neat story.

A real name contovecy is with Edmonton, becase the term Eskimos means “Raw Fleash Eaters” and refered to the Innuits in the north but the Native Americans in the south. But it likly will not chage becase most Innuits have endorsed it and some are even prond of it.

I have mixed opions about it, I hate team names after a people, It think it’s discusioing and always leads to some controvesy or another, wheathers a team named after an animal or a thing is great!

Their maybe some discontent with the Blue Bombers becase of the WW2 history of the allied bombers bombing Germany and Japan (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tokyo, Kujuukuri, etc.) and that a Bomber is a war machine and all. But as we see when and how the Bombers got their name, the team name has nothing to do with that at all and isn’t well founded.

....sorry Kanga....but the name of the fighter was Joe Louis...'the Brown Bomber' who the team got its handle from....a great fighter of the time was Louis....and when a commentator broadcasting the game...made a statement comparing the team to stuck.....Brown Bomber...became Blue Bomber...because of the colour of the teams unis...and yes Huskerman....there was a lot of Air Force training done in Wpg. during the second world war....great open spaces for flying... :!:

ah ok, that's cool.

lot of those same type bases here in nebraska at the same time... several highschools then took blue/white/silver colors and changed their name to "bombers" as well.

The Great Plains are good for flying, that is correct.

Thanks for the info.

I hate when everybody relates the Blue Bombers nickname to WW2, the most destutive war the world has ever know, when in fact it has nothing to do with that ay all.

A destructive war yes, but a wat that had to be fought.

Debatedble, but no debate here. 1000% agree!