blue bombers

ill be the first to say i thought they were dead in the water..but wow, they played fantastic and us eskies were lucky to win....they have fred reid who is im thinking best RB in the league..great defense..and if lefors can get his game on this eskimo fan thinks they are grey cup contenders!!!

Despite what others are saying, it was a good game down to the final whistle. Despite the terrible field conditions there were very few turnovers, both teams looked well prepared and played hard.

i disagree piggy, im usually totally 100% against the blue bombers but for all the changes you guys had this year you look unbeleivable....i remmeber after 05 we had a huge change and it took 5-6 weeks to get going and the first game you guys had control for a nervous as a eskimo fan....but wow if im a Blue Bomber fan id be guys will finish 1st in the east no doubt in my mind!

The way Kelly's picking the team apart bit by bit I doubt it. You also forget, the Ticats held you guys in a game in September last year and they were nowhere near good and probably won't be this year either. The conditions were crappy, and it's way too early to predict division winner's anyways. Start talking after 4 or 5 games.

id love to see you tiger cats a huge eskie fan so my 2nd favorite team is defnitely the Tiger hope is you guys finish 1st for sure're making me nervous didn't care too much about us in the past,....why the change of
However i am glad to see you appreciate well played football.(even though the conditions were lousy)...good on was a pretty good game... :thup:

true i never cared in the ast..but I seriously thought we were gonna win tht game by 30 points because you guys had so many new players..but it was impressive to see how that defense played and even as bad as lefors played you almost beat us...very impressive