blue bombers

apparently was spotted outside the riders stadium and the fan reported that he must have lost 50 pounds

"Saw Nate Davis outside TF. He looks to have shed 50lbs. Seriously, He looked unreal. Scary if he motivated and lighter."

recently updated bluebomber webstite also has him listed at 293 this season

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if this is true, and corey jenkins keeps playing like he has been at camp, we will have one scary D!

another thing, recievers Jeff Keegan(NI) and kerry johnson look to be standouts at rookie camp thus far, and justin holland seems to be out shining the rest of the back up QB's! things are looking very good in winnipeg

Jenkins has been a complete ball hawk with blanket coverage, having pleanty of pass knockdown and a pick in the first two practices, 2 knockdowns were nearly interceptions. and at 228, hes a good runstopper, and a good size for linebacker!

cant wait to see what these guys can do against the vets.

kai parham has also been good at linebacker, and jazzmen williams and gabriel fullbright have been looking good in the secondary. hopefully hebert wins a spot at weak side, or a NI such as logan noel or nugent wins a spot at safety rather so we can go with 4 imports in our 5 reciever set.

Milt,armstrong, brazzell/mccord/edwards/kerry johnson/ albert johnson for 3 and 4 looks like a darn good corps of recievers if u ask me

oneil wilson and arjei franklin also look to be darn good, and stoddard can be very effective if put in slot(to slow for wide out)

Good for Nate if he has trimmed down, and he actually might be a factor for the Bombers. If he had stayed here, he would still be 50lbs heavier-- no motivation, with nothing to prove.

Here is the thing the Fan said: “he looked 50 lbs lighter”

Which means he’s trimmed down fat into Muscle means he may have only lost 10-15 lbs but he’ll be so so so much strong.

and James, don’t forget it’s Rookie camp, the Blue have almost no Rookies DB’s this year(1 HB/CB)
So the Receivers should be eating the D alive in scrimmages.

However indications are Dinwiddie is going to lose out and good, I’d rather have Holland here, but apparently Bonnet is also playing strong.

haha, Banks and Dinwiddie may be left outside, looking in come June 28th. Although I like Banks skill set, he has his last shot in the pre-season.

banks was starting to pick it up the last two practices. personally i think it will be banks and holland, unless holland beats him out(wouldnt be suprised), they definately arnt paying brad to be the #3. in which case, yes, holland and bohnet cuz dinnwidies been lookiing... well, not good.

and yeah its only rookie camp, but u can still tell jenkins looks like he can compete, and tony edison according to berry looks even better.... i wasnt to high on him at first cuz i thought he was only 193, but they have him at 205 after the update, which is around what ike was. it will be interesting to see who steps up between them against the vets once they strap the pads on.

i think if they get any lighter then 200, they wont be able to stay durable all season in the physical linebacker spot. 200, 205 is still pushing it, but it looks better then 190 thats for sure

and hopefully nugent/logan/noelle can beat out hebert for the safety spot so we can go with four imports in the 5 reciever set. we have to much import talent there to not. unless franklin wilson or stoddard can prove they are better then mccord or edwards.

i wouldnt mind putting parham at the will spot and keeping hebert at safety though, if hebert plays linebacker like he did last year. but if they start stoddard it has to be at slot. hes to slow to be effective at wide out, and when they stuck him in at slot last year he did very well. i think two ni's at reciever may be the better option

Berry is very happy at what he has seen out of the rookies. It looks like he is going to have some very interesting decisions to make, don't be surprised to see a trade or two shortly, and word is Pat Fleming will be here to compete for the punting duties.