A great reception by Armstrong for the TD! I didn't see that one coming.

Entertaining game so far, lots of Ron Lancaster type trickery.

RIP #23

Interesting call by Berry. I expected him to kick the FG.

That's twice he gambled (if you count the pass by Reid). He dosen't respect the Ticats at all. Will they get up!?

Wow, just wow. Poor poor Hamilton fans.

Thats gonna kill attendance for them the rest of the year...

Wpg tried to give it away but Ham did't want it.
Good game though.

...just shoot me now.

On that last field goal attempt by Hamilton, did I see a Winnipeg player come in from the side and contact the kicker but not touch the ball?

Does somebody have a replay of that play who can verify what I'm wondering?

The ti-cats have the worst luck.

They have got to be the best 2-10 team I have ever seen.

My god, with any luck they could be 5-5, 6-4 or even 7-3.

Poor Hamilton fans. They deserve so much better.

Does somebody have a replay of that play who can verify what I’m wondering?

No it was a bad snap. It caused them to loose their timming.

If it was a 70 minute game the Bombers would have lost.... If it was a ninety minute game the Cats would of blown out the Bombers.

For about 30 minutes, Berry thought Taafe was still the head coach !!!

Wake the fuck up Doug.

Don't know about that, it was Glen's best game this year

No shit Sherlock ?

....BLOWN -OUT....c'mon the Bombers quit playing in the second-half....damn near cost us...when will this team ever get back on track :roll: ....we could be dangerous in the play-offs though... :lol:

it seems like every time we enter the second half with a lead we never take shots down feild and thats the bombers strongest partkevin just lobs on up for armstrong and automatic touchdoewn

Could have been a blowout but Berry clearly didn't respect the Ticats. Bombers outplayed Hamilton and Glenn was sharp again. Things looking up for the Bombers.