Can't wait to tune in to cjob to hear Bomber fans

I won't be tuning in. I can only imagine that the whining in Bomberland will continue and that the way things are going, Chang might start against the Riders next week.

Kevin Glenn has run out of excuses. I think that the Rider sacking Glenn was actually trying to hold Glenn up in the hopes that he would be starting next week. Glenn's days in Winnipeg are just about over.

Re: Boreham...he was nicked last week on the two roughing the kicker/contacting the kicker calls, and had lingering effects through practices this week...

I don't think that Jyles ever started and finished a game that the Riders won.... Three ,in half a season is nothing to sneeze at however.

Bishop had about 70 throws in practice and half of them were to Dressler. He managed the game as well as expected by the rider staff. Those long passes may have conected if we had our starting recievers. I believe we might see both QB's in Winnipeg though.

who ever has that siren he is timing it to disrupt Bomber's offense...very unsportsman like. only in Regina...
At Mosaic you can't even hear the siren, its only loud on tv because its right by one of tsn's its a non issue
I have sat near that siren before and it drives me nuts! If I had season tickets near that guy I would probably loose my temper after a while. Don't judge an entire team's fans on one person's actions, because we all have idiots at home games....

...I personally think a lot of people think like you torall, traditionalists that can make their own noise...seriously, if that thing were near me I'd walk over, ask if I could see it for a second, smash it on the ground and hand the owner $40....

R&W, you would not like to spend the night in the city hotel especially on a long weekend it would be danderous to ones health. Just take the batteries. :smiley:

Never mind sitting next to him. Made the telecast almost unwatchable.

Thats the 2nd game thats been ruined for me watching from home due to that bush league siren . I don't care if you're Rider fan or not that is annoying as hell listening to the whole game.

Maybe TSN can move away from that a$$ clown with the siren. I won't be watching anymore Rider home games until that siren is silenced.

Congrats to the Riders as well, I thought your D played pretty well, albiet against a seemingly hapless Bomber squad. Never the less, got the win.

I don't like it either, but you know what? I sucked it up and watched the game...and after a while, I just didn't notice it anymore...but if you don't want to watch, don't watch...have fun missing some potentially quality football games in the process...:roll:

It's just a friggin' siren...seriously...

...maybe if we got everyone here to chuck $10 each into a pot we could convince Kel to go deal with it....

Give me a case of beer and I'll do it :wink: May or may not have to down the entire case first depending on how big the guy is!

poor crybaby! :cry:

you really have nothing better to do than complain about something as stupid as that?


Its not stupid...Timing that siren with opposing receivers trying to catch the ball is plain unacceptable. I'm not a Bomber fan. I'm a football fan and this is plain bush.

Thanks for your permission, And by the way I doubt I'll be missing any quality football games if todays game was any indication.

Your choice!! Buh-bye then!

I highly doubt they even hear it. I don’t agree with using the horn, although in both games there’s been complaints about it I didn’t hear a peep from where I sit.

I think it’s amplified on TV by being near a microphone.

Hey maybe the Rider fans are on to something with this siren thing. Maybe all teams should adapt some annoying non stop noise just as the opposition is about to snap the ball.

Hmm, maybe the Eskimos could pipe in a really loud wet fart, or maybe the Stamps could use the sound of someone stepping in a steaming pile of cow stuff.

The Argos could employ a really loud crying baby,

The Bombers? hmm, how would, "someone crapping the bed sound?

Ahh you guys get the idea, if the CFL is going to go bush, let all teams get on board here.

I watch the game for the game, not for the sound effects...