have you seen bishops numbers. 7-17, 91 yards in more than 1/2, 0-1 tdint.

I predict that bishop loses this game. At least 2 more INTs, one for a TD. Qb game rating of less that 70

Saskatchewan are definitely hurting WR. I'm seeing Grant, Palmer, Bagg, Bowman and Childs as the starting receivers. Bowman looks like he has some promise but is still a rookie. The other guys would be considered backups IMO, so Bishop is doing well with no real go to receiver.

If Bishop had run this much in last years final, the Argos would have been in the Grey Cup.

It's one of those games where we just don't see anything from the offence. Good job by Winnipeg to make the adjustments at half time and step up on defence (except that their Offence is turning the ball over and ours isn't). If we don't get something going on offence, we could see this game slip away.

Did anybody notice the time clock went from 1:00 to :49 seconds? Or did I mis-see that?

Green horseshoe again....leading by 16 with 107 yards of brutal are the bombers!

Considering Bishop has only had about 70 reps with his new team since the trade I think that is understandable. As he and his team get used to each other he will improve.

The Bombers lose because they refuse to throw the ball deep....period.

great sask D plus inept wpg O plus wpg DBs cant catch = Bishop got horseshoes.

Bishop is trying to throw ints, but wpg D wont co-operate.

Sadly, bishops luck is gonna run out next week.

...a little off topic, but if I sat anywhere near that WEEWEEWEEWEE siren thing I think I'd smash it before the start of the second Q...that has to be very annoying for those around it, and doesn't really seem to be any nuisance to Glenn or the rest of the BBs...

Glenn can't because he has no time to. But not to worried about Bishop, he's managing the game and with only one week of practice. It'll be nice when Flick and Fantuz come back so our QB's (Bishop or Durant) have some reliable targets to throw too.

Anyone hear about what the injury to Boreham is?

who ever has that siren he is timing it to disrupt Bomber's offense...very unsportsman like. only in Regina...

lol, every team does stuff like that. Come here to BC and you’ll be getting the same treatment. I’d say our 35,000 fans worth of crowd noise in the enclosed dome is a lot more distracting than some siren.

Crowd noise is fine...110db siren not the same.

Hit to the head of the QB......ya right. Someone should tell Kevin Glenn that if you duck into it that they aighn't gonna call it.

I sure hope to hell that Berry gets fired....

Richie Hall is the MAN!!!! Taylor field is where it's at!!! GO RIDERS!!!!!! First Place and not going anywhere. 4th QB to win a game.

Gave up 6 pts. Even Marcus Crandell couldn't have blown that one.

At Mosaic you can’t even hear the siren, its only loud on tv because its right by one of tsn’s mics…so its a non issue

I wonder if 4 qb's have ever won games in one season with a team before...

Anyways, game over. Nothing pretty. Back to what we are used to with our Riders. D wins the game; O (and Bishop) does enough to not lose it. Congrats to my Riders.

what was the crowd just chanting?

sounded like U-S-A :?