There's a Grey Cup rematch about to get underway. It may take some time to adjust but I don't think Bishop is going to disappoint the crowd today.

Retro unis! Going to be a great game I think.

Love the retro Uni's, its about time to bring them out.

Gonna be a good game, new QB for the riders should make everone else on the O step it up. Having all the recievers back with Glenn for the Bombers should allow Roberts to run roughshot.

Close game, no prediction......could be the game of the year....

Nice sack....where did this guy come from. Fast for a DE

Dressler just got flattened on that INT.

Wow not the start Bishop wanted.....skips it to grant ala Crandell and then a pick.....oh boy

not a good way to start off with your new team.

Bishop underthrows Grant and then throws a pick

Damn, I have to go do my Dad's gardening now...this one could be a good one. Hopefully I'll get back in time to catch the end and another thrilling CFL finish.

Good luck to both teams for a safe, well played game. Damn.

The weathers crappy out...cloudy looks like their could be lightning, as your fellow blogger i'm concerned for your safety so i think u should stay inside. Have a drink and definately watch some football :lol:

That siren is incredibly annoying.

Stegall just got in the game.

uh oh....yet another rider is down (Lucas)

chaulk that TD up to MB strength to prevent him goin down and the O-line that came in and pushed the pile in. Love it, good ole rough and tumble football

That would’ve been a beautiful TD if Bowman came up with it.

I know he hasn't connected on one yet but its nice to see a Sask QB challenge a defence deep

If Cates didn't slow up on the deep pass to the end zone it would have been a touchdown. Hell of an arm on Bishop.

Not a bad first half for the green and white!

Now it's time to crank it up a notch, and connect on some of those deep passes!

Has anyone heard anything official on Dressler?

It's how Bishop was successful in TO. Just don't lose the game. The defence is the strength of the team, so just don't 2 and out and let them do their thing. 47% completion percentage ( 7 / 15 )isn't enough get the nod over Durant once he's healthy.

Bishop has done a great job so far, with his legs and arm. The one two punch he was successful here in Toronto.
Some of us still believe he should still be with the Argos and Joseph should have been the odd man out.

Some of us believe that Joseph should still be the starter here...but he wanted more money, and the Argos were willing to pay. I figured we were going to get Bishop after that game against Edmonton, but part of me was hoping that Toronto would come up with a deal where they shipped us back Joseph and they ate all of his salary increase. I knew it wasn't going to happen, but I was hoping it would.... :slight_smile: