I don’t expect to see a repeat of the pummeling from last week, but ya never know.

TD Winnipeg!

It's still early but it looks as if the Bombers came to play.

Nice stuff on the three.

Game of penalties and defense, until the long bomb to Geroy.

Incredible missed pass interference/interception. Absolutely brutal.

And Simpson injures himself taking out frustrations....

Penalties, Defense, and Injuries.... these teams are gonna be bled to death by the end

Stupid move by Simpson but it sure looks to me like the refs have blinders on tonight. I have seen several blatant holds ignored and figured well, things happen. But that huge push and then run to get the pick was horrible. And it may be the game.

How long is the tribute? They should’ve delayed kickoff and have the tribute first.

They shoulda delayed kickoff anyway, half the fans were still trying to get in according to the announcers, line down the block. Did the Lions not open BC Place early enough?

Bombers deserve a lot of credit for giving the Lions all they could handle. Thankfully JJ picked up his game and so did Simon and it was just enough to hold of Winnipeg tonight.

I still think Korey Banks should've been Warrior of the Game but I'm happy the Lions got the W. Good game Bombers.

The bombers got robbed this game. The pass interference call was brutal. I feel sorry for them, they deserved better.

I think it was a good non-call by the officials. Very little contact there and it was definitely exaggerated by Franklin. If he can fall down that easily then maybe I should play receiver for the Bombers.

I really feel for Doug Berry and am hoping for him that he doesn't lose his job just yet. The Bombers need to find a way to get Charles Roberts more involved in the offence.

K I'm all about the Lions but I honestly gave this one to the bombers till that Simon catch! I really think the Bombers deserve way more credit than just another loss! not to mention both teams lost a few good men on injuries! As much as I appreciate the win for my Lions tonight! I'm rooting for your team from now till we face you again! your way better than that win record! Thanks for giving us a game!

And just as I write that Doug Berry is supposedly fired.

tough loss for the Bombs. Inconsistent pass interference calls during the game. A lion gets called for pass interference when he has perfect no contact coverage, then the non-call in the end zone which looked 500 times more like interference than the earlier call. I am not saying it was interference but highlighting the inconsistencies of the calls. Bottom line is you have to come to play for four quarters. The Lions were looking to give this one away but lady luck and Bobby Ackles were hovering above methinks. Nice tribute to a great man. We should all try to be like Mr. Ackles- hardworking, respectful and a proud Canadian.

the cfl refs need a better prescription for glasses at hakim optical, too many blown calls, maybe the commish should focus on full-time refs, instead of making lies that he's gonna have drug testing and new stadiums.

Bombers played a decent game, we were just that little bit better.

I wasn't too impressed by our performance, so I'm not gonna flag wave much. We did win though and I'll take the 2 points.

agreed. I was at the game and the Lions couldnt sustain any drives. It wasn't pretty until the 4th quarter. Jarius was rushed quite a bit.

I'm disappointed that there were less than 40000 people there as well. It was really hot in the dome.....having an outdoor stadium or retractable roof on a night like this would have been ideal. That would have brought out some more people I like to believe.

There were some vocal bomber fans that made it a fun night. Some of them huddled together near the concessions at halftime and started chanting Lets Go Blue.....Lets Go Blue! I was almost ready to start doing it with them! Good job Bomber fans!

i gotta say that stefan logan kid is dangerous, how is that the lions are always able to scout young RBs and are able to get them on the cheap, while teams like the argos always waste money on overrated NFL runningbacks, it makes no sense, BC always does an excellent job at getting young hungry talent.