Will be interesting to see how the teams have adjusted since their last meeting. Looking forward to a great game.

Live on TSN and close to live on the CFL scoreboard

Stegall just a part timer.... Should of called it quits Last season....

Great return by Dorsey!

dorsey #34 with a spin move for the return

I still think we're going to see Glenn back starting for the Bombers. I think people put too much stock in Dinwiddie's huge game against the worst secondary in the league.

That said, he's got plenty of time to prove me wrong, but I don't think a guy who threw for 5,000 yards last year suddenly lost his talent, injury or not.

parker...MR interception for the double blue comes thu.

i find it so odd seeing talbot in the #9 jersey....cant get used to it.

wheres stegall been so far?

is noone watching this game or just not commenting on it

I've watched the whole thing, really hasn't been much to comment about, a boatload of field goal attempts in what could have been a nice highscoring affair if these teams could cash a few TD's in.

Dinwiddie has done nothing tonight. But Bombers OL is bad. Awful.



Most Rider fans are doing this. Cheering for KJ. Especially when Argos play the Bombers. Hard to figure how Winnipeg is this bad. From Grey Cup to 1 and 5.

I guess with a divisional win, the Cats still ain't officially in last. Sweet.

I just got back from the dome and there is no way to sugar coat this baby, a win is a win even if it was UGLY.
By far the worst game of the CFL year, reminded me of last year. Thank goodness all of the other games have been edge of your seat stuff.
In summary, both teams have major QB and running game issues.
In fact, I would have put in Bishop and Glenn to relieve in the second half.

ugliest game of the year? umm...that title goes to edmonton at hamilton last week.

Nominees for worst game of the year:

Saskatchewan @ B.C (week 2)

Edmonton @ Hamilton (week 5)

Winnipeg @ Toronto (week 6)

As frustrating as the offense was it was nice to see the Defence have a great game.

By the way, does anyone know why a whole section of seats have been removed from the endzone? There is nothing left but the cement skeleton.

Eh... I didn't see much of this game because I was out, but at least the Edm/Ham game had an interesting finish. The ending to this game had a whole lot of 2 and outs and stalled drives.

Agreed, the Edm-Ham game was more exciting and with a better finish.

You didn't include my choice. Week 4, Hamilton @ Calgary.