Who's watching? I missed the first TD.

im begining to think the Als are gonna go undefeated for quite some time.

hopefuly they wont fade down the stretch like they have in the past.

i always like having one undefeated team for half a season....good to have a villian in the league.

They are looking good, the class of the East.
And should I say the Hammer is a close second.

the way the Als dummied the tabbies last week, i wouldnt say theyre a 'close' second...just second.

Calvilo's on fire.

The way the Als are shredding the BB, hey maybe last week we were too hard on the Hammer?

Wow, the early MVP is AC.

Break up the Als, 31-7 at the half.

fire Berry.

What about the OC?

This is painful... :frowning:

Is Berry really that bad???

...Glenn doesn't seem to be able to make a first down....Had Franklyn wide open in the end-zone and fires the ball 15 feet over his head...brutal...IF Glenn can't do any better than what he's done so far i say yank him....but in fairness the d isn't performing either....could be a long night ...defence has been left on the field too long..

Jeez people chill out.
It's week two.

Things need to be ironed out. No worries.

The Bombers will turn things around and then everyone better watch out.

While I am @#&%^$%^### pissed at their performance today!!!!, I am not worried.

Maybe trade for Bishop

....nice pik and td. by Johnson....that'll make things a little easier to swallow...AC went to the well too many times...

WE HAVE A BALL GAME!!! personally i hope Winnipeg completes the comeback cuz i picked them in VGCC

winnipeg goes from the penthouse to the outhouse.

The game was over after the first quarter.

....right on....and anyone thinking that Glenn is the qb. he USED to be for the Bombers....just watch his last play in the game where he went down untouched and didn't even bother to get up...pathetic...bring on someone else..and let Glenn ride the pine ,,,before it's too late.. :thdn: