Blue Bombers vs Alouettes *******MAJOR problem**cfl refs

it’s not correct, and I watch the game regardless, it runs after the ref whistles in play, when it should run after the snap (as said so by other posters). How do I know this? I timed it.

and your right, as long as they get it right on the field, why should I care? I was just making a comment.

What I find amusing is the charge of "Fixing games". :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Talk about sour grapes or what!

Well sporty it seems when we thought some rider fans were bad we were wrong. It seems the some bomber fans are actually worse! To actually think they fix the games :lol: :lol: :lol: It seems the blue bomber fans can not accept being beaten by a better team. :lol: The All Mighty Als did just that openned up a can of whoop A$$

Actually R&W2005 I think I'll blame the refs for our loss comming up on Friday in Calgary. :wink: After all, we got a ton of penalties last game so it must of been fixed! :roll: Poor discipline on the team just couldn't be a problem, my team is so pure and their halo's glitter in the sunlight! :roll: And just because we play so well in the first half must mean the refs are out to get us in the second half! :wink:

How do I sound? Do I get a blue and gold jersey now? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'll take 2 minutes of my time right know to cry for this up-comming gross injustice :twisted:

This is insane and my thoughs are with you :smiley:

KK, The clock runs on the referee's signal, even afer the three minute warning. The referee gives his signal when the ball is ready to be scrimmaged (If a first down is achieved, that means waiting for the chains to be in place). The only time the clock starts on the snap after the three minute warning is after an incomplete pass, after the runner goes out of bounds, after a change of possession, after a kick, after a score, after a timeout, or after an accepted penalty.

Sporty yes and I will complain as well because the ref's did not call enough on the Lions! :lol: Sounds a bit childish I know but really thats how it looks.
About the officals on the side lines these guys or girls live in Winnipeg just maybe KK should hunt them down! Oh right he has to cross the border! :lol:

I asked the same question, and it's not the case.

You didn't ask the right person, because the way I put it is the way it is.

Why don't you ask roughyfan?, he's the guy I asked before, and now am asking again via pm on your part.

Actually, the clock stops and is played from the snap every time, except if the O does make the first down, which I think is a good rule, because a team that's leading can run the clock, or take a knee in the final seconds, plus it gives that one time out meaning.

First of all, I don't need you asking anyone anything on my behalf... if I wanted to ask a question of someone, I would. But since I know the rule well, I don't need to ask anyone. And the rule is that the clock starts when it is ready to be scrimmaged, except in the cases I already mentioned. Trust me, as a coach who's been on both sides of a late game comeback, I am well aware of how the clock works after the three minute warning.

The scoreboard clock is not the official time, so you can’t go by that. The official timekeeper clock is the only one that counts. Maybe Winnipeg should have their own official scorekeeper when they lose so the score on the scoreboard doesn’t count either. :lol:

So it happens the way I said above, right?

and Big Dave said to me that it was a bad idea! :roll: He has been so negative since he became a mod.

I guess for a few, they think that now they are a mod, they think their above the law, and can push other posters around.

What happens the way you said above??? Was that question directed at me?

The clock stops after every play after three minutes if, and doesn't resume untill the snap of the ball on these cases:

  1. goes OB
  2. They get a first down
  3. They get a TD (time doesn't run on the convert)

and except the pass, which if incomplete always stops the clock, I think that's everything.

....Big Dave happens to be one of the most, if not THE most, CFL-educated, reasonable and friendliest posters on this you see ANY correlation between mods and you?......KK: "all moderators hate me, therefore it must be the mods that are the problem"......

Sort of... Clock stops after every play, but is whistled in when it is ready to be scrimmaged, except:

Out of Bounds
Incomplete Pass
Change of Possession

In those cases it starts on the snap.

On a first down, the clock restarts when the yard markers are in position and everything is ready to go. It just often seems like it doesn't restart because a team in the hurry up is often ready before the officials, and usually snap the ball right after the clock re-starts.

I wonder what Roughyfan has to say about this?

That's between him and me, he has been a butt head to me since he became a mod, it's he that has to answer, not you!

No comments from the peanut galley, RW, drop and give me 20!

Also, Ro says that I cant take any heat, but he couldn't do so when I was right about Cascar and had the link to prove it. :stuck_out_tongue: that's another 5 laps around Canada Inn Stadium for you Ro1313.