Blue Bombers Training Camp

Thought Id Create a thread for discussions about some prospects and highlights and whatnot happening in training camp.

Currently we got a good position battle at QB:

Kevin Glenn
Ryan Dinwiddie
Justin Holland
Brad Banks?

Im betting itll go

  1. Glenn
  2. Banks
  3. Holland
    (4)Dinwiddie [CUT/PRACTICE]

Discuss training camp woot!!! NEws and stuff.

Way Way too early to tell buddy, the Bombers have still got to sign 1-2 QB prospects.

I mean you(nor I or anyone else) has seen any Bomber prospective QB outside of Glenn and to a degree Banks in real game action.
Dinwiddie just 2 Quarters?

I would expect Dinwiddie will be traded or Cut, especially if the Bombers sign one of their higher rated Neg list boys like Stacco or Palko.
But it is too early to tell, who knows what will happen in camp.

No Training camp battles are Set until around May 24th. someone said ....Banks has not officially he's not part of the equation just yet...Taman is rumoured to have a couple of prospects on the radar...Dimwittie will probably not show up (no loss).....I'm quite interested to see how Holland performs....and yes it is a little early yet...but it's getting closer to tc ....and it's May tommorrow.....goBigBlue

chris leak went undrafted andthrows some amazing spirals in the clips theyve shown so maybe he'll come north...he looked like he throws better than Brady Quinn in my opinion.

Leak is not on the Bombers Neg List9meaning he is likely on someone elses)

Neg list Guys for the Bombers are:
Tyler Palko (6-foot-1, 215 pounds, Pitt): southpaw who threw for 18 TDs last year. Ranked ninth among QBs by Pro Football Weekly.
John Stocco (6-1, 205, Wisconsin): three-year starter, NFL scouts consider him undersized. Ranked 18th by PFW.
Zac Taylor (6-2, 210, Nebraska): average arm, but tough as nails. Threw for 25 TDs last year. PFW has him ranked 17th among QBs.
Will Proctor (6-2, 210, Clemson): had mediocre numbers as a senior, but Taman liked what he saw when scouting him at the Hula Bowl. PFW has him ranked 26th.
Marvin Burroughs (6-0, 220, Villanova): rusher/passer-type considered one of the best athletes in the Atlantic 10 Conference. Ranked 31st by PFW.
Jerry Babb (6-3, 225, Louisiana-Lafayette): Recommended by former Bomber offensive co-ordinator Mike Gibson. Average numbers; not ranked by PFW.
From the Free press Column on Saturday or friday by Ed Tait.

ALSO, it was said in that same Column that Banks is Signed, perhaps not officially but it did say Banks will be at camp or is signed.